The Awesome Mitten - Funktion

Day 295: Funktion


The Awesome Mitten - Funktion
Photo courtesy of Funktion

Funktion, a Kalamazoo-based band, keeps fans dancing all night long with an original sound that blends the smoothness of Marvin Gaye with the killer horns of Earth Wind and Fire, as well as some hip hop thrown into the mix just for good measure. In an interview with Funktion’s percussionist and general manager Jeremy Reisig, he explains why they draw from so many types of music for their sound: “With seven guys in the band, the variety of music that inspires us is all over the board.” So what the band ends up with is, as Reisig puts it, “a melting pot of different styles of music; it can’t be put into one genre.” The band combines funk with rock, hip hop, jazz, soul music, groove and even a little R&B. Due to the variety of their musical inspirations, Funktion has created a unique style of music that successfully reaches out to all demographics.

When asked about the goals and aspirations Funktion had for their future, Reisig responded, “Our aspirations are to build a loyal community of fans who want to experience our growth with us. With the opportunities that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube give the audience, we can share our accomplishments and also our struggles with them.” He goes on to say, “We want the music, both live and recorded, to make people feel good! We want them to dance, to listen, and to think about what the lyrics mean. We want the music to help them some way, somehow in their life!” This is exactly what you will get if you go out and experience one of Funktion’s shows: music that makes you feel good.

Funktion has many performances coming up, so try to get out and see them! Most of their upcoming shows are in Michigan, but for any Mitten fans who may live in a different state, there is a chance they will be playing somewhere near you! Check out the band’s website or their Facebook page for more information.

Jessie Elliott, Music Director

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