every film a parable every life a story Day 292: Chris Monks

Day 292: Chris Monks

every film a parable every life a story Day 292: Chris MonksMichigan is fertile ground for home-grown talent. Marvelous music, great brewers, awesome artists, and wonderful writers all call Michigan home. I recently had the pleasure of talking to author, Chris Monks about what makes the Mitten such a great place to create.

Monks may not have been born in Michigan, but he says the many years he’s lived here have turned him into an adopted Michigander.  The people he’s met have informed his characters and stories, which can be seen in his blog-to-book, Every Film A Parable; Every Life A Story.

The Awesome Mitten - Chris Monks
Photo courtesy of Chris Monks

Based on Monks’ film blog, Every Film is a book of essays that breaks down movies you’ve seen a hundred times, to show a deeper meaning; this deeper meaning can be seen in everyday life. These parables focus on faith and how God touches our lives, even when we don’t realize it.

“God got to me through movies–it’s how I really found my faith,” says Monks. “God’s an artist and He created us in His image, so we’re artists meant to create.”

Monks also personalized his book, relating film stories with his real life experiences, revealing a journey of hope. One movie in which Monks finds nuggets of faith is rather surprising: Pulp Fiction. It’s his favorite film. Monks says his two takeaways from Pulp Fiction are 1) it’s never too late to seek redemption and 2) there are miracles all around us, whether we see them or not.

Monks is now working on a memoir about community service, how it changes the person giving their time as much–sometimes more–than the person who receives the needed services. Monks’ parting thought, “The power of one single book can be amazing. It can have such an impact on your life.”

As a writer and film buff, Chris has his favorites he’d like to share:

Favorite author: Donald Miller Blue, Light Jazz
Favorite film: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Michigan website: Awesome Mitten

To learn more about Monk, you can purchase his book, or follow him on Twitter.

And how do we support local authors like Chris in our Awesome Mitten? Ask your local library to carry their books. Many libraries have “Local Author” sections.

Dan Moyle, Contributing Writer

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