Day 29: #MeetMichigan


Photo courtesy of M3 Group.

It’s no secret that Michigan has gone through some hard times recently. The downfall in the economy has led to draining the state of people, jobs, and optimism for the future. Despite the hard times, Michigan is making strides to restore itself, and many campaigns to instill pride in Michiganders are becoming a trend. The newest effort to promote Michigan pride and put the “great” back in the Great Lakes, is fueled by Motion Marketing & Media and comes in the form of the #MeetMichigan campaign. In the press release they explain that, “Lansing, Michigan agency Motion Marketing & Media (@m3_group) wants to #MeetMichigan this summer by being the first agency to tweet from all 83 counties in the state.”

And that they will.

The four members of M3’s Special PRops team (split into pairs for the journey) embarked on their two week journey across the state on Tuesday, June 28th making their first stops in downstate Michigan. Throughout the next two weeks the four women (who are all native Michiganders) will travel through all 83 counties of Michigan and tweet  pictures (using Twitpic) of county signs, businesses, and people. Anything that won’t fit into 140 characters or less is posted to their Facebook page. They are also mixing up their official destination Tweets with DYKs (Did You Know), Michigan business and social media topics, and other things related to the trip.

The idea was generated in a brainstorming session with M3 employees. They had one goal in mind: to come up with “fun, positive ideas for promoting the state.” Many negative aspects of Michiganders outlooks were touched upon in the discussion. “The real kicker was an AP news story in which Gov. Snyder asked who would tell the Michigan story. He said that the state needed an attitude adjustment, and it was almost aimed directly at us and our mission, so we’re taking him up on the challenge,” said Anna Daugherty (a.k.a The Bugler at M3).

Photo courtesy of M3 Group

As a native Michigander Daugherty feels that the mission is especially relevant. “Michigan is awesome because it’s so diverse. There are so many industries here, the seasons are glorious, the scenery is one-of-a-kind. The people are friendly, the jobs are good. The communities are welcoming and the Great Lakes are breathtaking. Even driving in Michigan is fun! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else,” Daugherty said. Her love for the state has made her even more aware of the ups and downs that Michigan has gone through.

“I feel like my perspective is important because I’ve seen the changes the state has gone through, and I have seen how people are struggling especially in smaller towns,” Daugherty said.  “I think it’s easy to forget about the other regions sometimes when you live in some of the bigger cities like Detroit or Lansing, and we want to re-connect people with their state,” she said. The decision to use social media to “re-connect” was an easy one for the M3 team.

Day 6, brunch (sample) -- pannukakku (finnish pancake) with strawberries. This was unbelievable. It was like a gingerbread pancake with whipped cream. Chatham, Alger County. Photo courtesy of M3 Group.

“Social media has connected people in a way that was never before possible. We could post on our website for every place that we visit (which we still will, through our blog), but would it really gain any attention?” Daugherty said. “Twitter is easy, the message can be amplified quickly and it can have a huge reach. I don’t foresee there being any cons to this, other than perhaps it won’t reach as many people as we hope. But that’s something we’re willing to risk in order to make this trip happen,” she said.

The success of the social media aspect is only one part of deeming their mission successful.

“We’re measuring success by a few factors: not getting lost, stopping at some really cool places we’ve never been before, getting the opportunity to speak to business owners and leaders throughout the state, maybe introduce some newbies to the power of social media, and being able to come back to Lansing with a clear picture of Michigan and the economy that we can share with everyone,” Daugherty said, “I feel like this will be a big success.” ~Eliza Foster, Managing Content Director

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Alex Beaton of The Awesome Mitten caught up with Anna Daugherty of M3 at the TC Tweet Up on June 30th!