Day 287: Top Apps for Finding Good Eats in Michigan

The Top Apps for Finding Good Eats in Michigan

Catch your next meal with a view of the gorgeous Detroit Skyline

Being from the south, I really don’t get down to Detroit, Michigan very often and I really didn’t know much about the great options for gastro-indulgences (aka: yummy restaurants) until I stopped over briefly on my way to a conference last month. The truth is I was left in awe after catching a view of Detroit’s beautiful skyline, bustling shopping district chalked full of energy and entertainment, and of course I can’t forget the delectable options for eating out.

The great thing about good places to dine throughout the state of Michigan is that there is something for everyone and every occasion—from romantic restaurants with a view of Detroit city’s twinkling skyline to a quite bite before a sports game with the gang. All you need is your iPhone or Android. Here are my favorite apps to help you locate good eats in Michigan:

1. Zagat ($9.99 – for iPhone)

What’s better than being able to browse over 30,000 restaurants while traveling by plane, train, or automobile—with absolutely no need for phone reception? That’s right, the Zagat app promises all that and more! It serves up a delectable feast of fresh restaurant ratings and reviews from a collection of the best eats in whatever location you happen to find yourself hungry in! Not only is the Zagat app less than the price of one printed guide, it allows for browsing in offline mode so phone reception is never an issue and you can plan dinner before your flight even lands at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Detroit, Bishop International Airport in Flint, or Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. The Zagat app utilizes a numerical grade for food, décor, and service at local restaurants to hel you make a thorough decision. In addition, I really enjoy the “Neighborhoods” option, which filters restaurants by such characteristics as “Warm Welcome” and “Children’s Appeal”, etc. And if that’s no enough you can read surveys submitted by over 350,000 respondents to get a real feel for where you want to eat—or even submit your own.

2. LocalEats ($0.99 –for iPhone)

The LacalEats app does just that—it tells you where the very best places are to eat locally by rating the Top 100 restaurants in your respective city in the state of Michigan. Not only is it ideal for business travelers like me who wants to find the best restaurants, but have no idea of how to navigate the city, it also rates on food quality, restuarant ambience, service, dining, and cost. Instead of user-ratings, LocalEats bases its recommendations on the agreement of unnamed restaurant critics, who, let’s face it, rate the quality of restaurants for a living!

3. Urbanspoon (Free – for Android)

The Urbanspoon’s app uses shake technology to shuffle three virtual rolling bars—kind of like a slot machine—which users set to categories such as food type (Indian or Thai), price range, and area in Michigan. Give your smart phone a shake and the Urbanspoon app will randomly feature a restaurant that fits your search criteria. select a restaurant near you that meets your criteria. However, if you would prefer to search dining options by restaurant reviews or browse a more thorough list, you can
manually do that too and browse Urbanspoon’s mega database of restaurants and choose your dinner or lunch spot that way.

4. Yelp (Free – for Android)

What’s more delicious than a user-friendly app that has your stomach top-of-mind? The Yelp app does exactly that—it has a crystal clear 5-star rating system of Michigan restaurants that offer user reviews on every noshing option—everything from Mom and Pop diners to the finest gastro-delights in fine dining. The search filters let you search by proximity, cost, and a handy “open now” button so you never have your dinner plans dashed by a dearly departed restaurant.

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    1. I was just going to say that! I also love all the user photos on Yelp (I’m guilty of personally submitting over 500 of them) and the social aspect of the app/website. Viewing someone’s profile and being able to communicate with users makes Yelp even more legit.

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