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Day 281: Steppin’ In It

Steppin' In It
Photo courtesy of Steppin' In It

There is something about blues and jazz music that makes it nearly impossible to listen to and sit still. This sensation is something that one definitely experiences while listening to Lansing band Steppin’ In It. It is the kind of music that keeps you captivated constantly with catchy rhythmic melodies, and compelling lyrics.

“[Our music] draws a lot from American traditional music–country, blues, Cajun, storytelling songwriters like Woody Guthrie, brass bands of New Orleans, hot jazz,” explains Joshua Davis, lead singer-songwriter.

Along with traditional themes as influences, the band also proudly admits to being musically shaped by growing up in Michigan. “Music has a huge role in building community, and I’m grateful for every chance I get to bring people together,” Davis states.

Steppin’ In It
, as we know it now has been playing together for 14 years, and has become well-known in many states around the country. The message board on their website shows scores of people requesting the band to grace their town in locations such as Wisconsin, Virginia, and, of course, countless places around Michigan. A few of their upcoming performances include The Loading Dock in Traverse City (March 17), Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo (March 23),, and Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids (March 31).

Davis believes there are many Michigan organizations, outside the music venues, that support the local music scene.
Elderly Instruments in Lansing is a petri dish of musical joy and has had a huge influence on all of us,” he said. “It’s an incredible resource!”

Davis also recognized The Earthwork Collective as another asset for the community. “[The Earthwork Collective is] a mutually supportive group of incredible writers, musicians, activists and friends that has done so much to help the Michigan music scene to unite and grow!”

Whether you are a fan of blues and jazz, or just a general music-lover, the four members of Steppin’ In It will not disappoint. In speaking with Davis is was very apparent that all four members of the band just plain love playing music with each other, and it shows in their performance. Davis divulged that each members is involved with separate projects these days but, as he puts it, “playing with Steppin’ In It always feels like home.”

Don’t miss out on their upcoming performances across the state! Check out their website for other tour dates and locations, or to find out where you can get their music. ~Jessie Elliott, Music Director

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