Day 264: Tre Cugini

Tre Cugini - The Awesome Mitten
Appetizer - Photo by James Fry

Tucked down the brick-laid road of Monroe Center in Grand Rapids, sits Tre Cugini, a local restaurant that presents the very best in Italian cuisine and culture.

The vision behind Tre Cugini transpired when three cousins–which is what tre cugini means in Italian– from the Uccello and Vitale family restaurants collaborated to create a fine-dining locale in the heart of the downtown Grand Rapids. The inside décor of the restaurant emulates a very traditional and authentic castello, or castle, in the Italian countryside.  It allows the patrons to feel comfortable and like home in their fine dining experience.

Tre Cugini - The Awesome Mitten
Inside of Tre Cugini - Photo by James Fry

Within a few years of Tre Cugini’s opening, the internationally-known hospitality veteran, Adriano Moscatelli came on board to assist the cousins in preparation of menus and industry standards.  Moscatelli has since acquired sole proprietorship with his wife, Carol, and catapulted the restaurant to its current level of success.

Tre Cugini displays a primarily Northern Italy flavor and influence, given that Moscatelli is from Florence; however, there are small influences of various regions throughout the entirety of Italy.  Most prevalently, the pastas that are featured on the menu are homemade daily from scratch.  The menu also covers seafood, meats, cheeses, desserts, and much more.

“Our menu has remained very authentic and relatively consistent over the years. Our weekly specials allow our culinary team to play with new techniques and flavor combinations, fusions of other cultures, and locally sourced product,” said Jim Schramm, Restaurant Manager.

In the next few months, Tre Cugini will be hosting a benefit in their banquet facilities for the new and improved Fulton St. Farmer’s Market’s, “Our Goodness is Growing” campaign.  Walk-ins are welcome; however, individuals may book a reservation online to guarantee their time-slot.

Tre Cugini - The Awesome Mitten
Jim Schramm, Restaurant Manager - Photo by James Fry

Thanks to social media, the young population in Grand Rapids, and some extremely successful word-of-mouth marketing, Tre Cugini has managed to present itself as both a location for established, serious patrons and for the young professionals and couples in the area.  Customer loyalty is a characteristic that Tre Cugini has  established throughout the years in business, and they are very proud of it.

Schramm describes the appeal of Grand Rapids, and the Midwest as a whole, as a place where the individuals are extremely hard working and very loyal.

“It may be tougher to make it in a smaller town or in an area that is historically conservative and rather frugal,” he said. “However, once you gain the respect and loyalty of the people that live here, they will stay with you through good times and bad.”  This mindset remains prevalent in Grand Rapids and proves the successes our great city and state have to be proud of.   ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director

Email: Jim Schramm, Restaurant Manager–
Phone: 616-235-9339

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