Day 248: Hudsonville Creamery

Hudsonville Creamery
Photo courtesy of James Fry
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America has a great set of pastimes that have become essential to family vacations, the enjoyment of the summer season, and memorable events.  However, Hudsonville Creamery arguably provides the most entertaining American pastime: The enjoyment of ice cream.  The Hudsonville Creamery is located at 345 E. 48th St, Suite 200, in Holland.  Hudsonville Ice Cream is distributed throughout the state of Michigan, as well as across the Midwest.  To locate a flavor or distributor of Hudsonville Ice Cream, you can use their Locate a Scoop option!

Hudsonville Creamery
Photo courtesy of James Fry

The beginning of the Hudsonville Creamery came quite a few years before their start of ice cream production.  The buying and selling of the farm that originated the creation of Hudsonville Ice Cream began in 1895 with a dairy co-op in Hudsonville.  In 1926, the family began the ice cream production business that is still family owned today.  In the winter months, Hudsonville produces approximately 12,000 cartons a day; however, the summer months bump that number up to approximately 17,000 cartons a day.  Needless to say, Hudsonville Creamery is considered the fastest growing ice cream company in the Midwest.

A key component that makes Hudsonville Ice Cream stand out from the rest is their attention to detail.  The entire team at Hudsonville dedicates their passion and work to Michigan and to a unique recipe and flavor.  The reputation resides in their utmost dedication to quality over quantity.  In staying true to local, sustainable, and Michigan-based product, Hudsonville Creamery buys all of their dairy products from local farms and farmers.  Not only does this provide transparency in Hudsonville products, but the support of buying local and staying local becomes a custom.

Hudsonville Creamery
Photo courtesy of James Fry

Although new flavors are set to be released in the very near future, Hudsonville Creamery has an extensive list of mouth-watering original and limited edition flavors to choose from.

Original Flavors:
-Black Cherry
-Blue Moon
-Butter Pecan
-Cake Batter
-Candy Bar Whirl
-Caramel Deer Traxx
-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
-Cookies and Cream
-Double Chocolate Almond
-French Vanilla
-Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge
-Mackinac Island Fudge
-Michigan Deer Traxx
-Mint Chocolate Chip
-Orange Pineapple
-Peanut Butter and Chocolate Twister
-Sleeping Bear Dunes Bear Hug
-Strawberry Cheesecake
-Strawberry Chocolate Chunk
-Super Scoop
-Triple Peanut Butter Cup
-Turtle Sundae

Limited Edition Flavors:
-Lake Affection
-Peppermint Stick
-Chocolate N Cherry
-Strawberry Shortcake
-Blueberry Cobbler
-Orange Cream Swirl
-Peach Raspberry Twister
-Red Velvet Cake
-Chocolate Milk
-Cinnamon Cocoa
-Country Apple Pie
-Pistachio Almond
-Creamy Cappuccino

Hudsonville Creameryq
Photo courtesy of James Fry

In the upcoming summer months, a couple of flavors will be announced to celebrate the collaboration between Hudsonville Creamery and its new partners.  Firstly, Hudsonville Ice Cream has been tagged as the official ice cream of Pure Michigan and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  A contest has been held, allowing the public to submit their ice cream flavors in honor of this business venture.  Secondly, Hudsonville Ice Cream will be releasing a Detroit Tigers flavor to showcase their new title of official ice cream of the Detroit Tigers and Comerica Park.  With this impressive recognition, Hudsonville Ice Cream is sure to become the namesake for the state of Michigan. ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director

Email: Sales and Marketing, Bruce Kratt;
Phone: 616-546-4005

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  1. You have the best ice cream flavors in the whole world! Can’t stop talking about you. Can’t stop trying your new and exciting flavors. I’ll have a favorite than very shortly a new flavor comes out and I’m loving the new one.
    You are an amazing company dedicated to making the best products anyone could ask for! 💕

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