Day 237: Great Fox Brew Ha Ha 2012 Recap

Brew Ha Ha 2012
Photo courtesy of James Fry

The 4th annual Great Fox Brew Ha Ha took place this past weekend at The DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids.  With over 100 craft beers to sample from over 40 domestic and international breweries, the festival successfully catered to all types of palates and interests.  Brew Ha Ha occurred on Friday, January 20th from 3pm to 9pm and Saturday, January 21st from 12pm to 10pm.

Great Fox Brew Ha Ha
Photo courtesy of James Fry

The layout of Brew Ha Ha was extremely user-friendly and open.  Located in various areas of The DeltaPlex, Brew Ha Ha was broken into three different rooms featuring three different aspects of the event.  In one area of the arena there were solely Michigan craft beers and breweries.  Directly next to the Michigan beer room was the nationally and internationally known beers and brewers.  The third and final room of the festival held the comedy stage and a vast amount of tables and chairs to relax and enjoy the beer and comedy.

In addition to the different beer rooms and comedy stage, Brew Ha Ha offered concessions, a pulled pork booth, and a “mancave.”  The “mancave” presented the opportunity to relax and lounge, play pool, watch sports, and enjoy the atmosphere.  Brew Ha Ha t-shirts and brewery paraphernalia, such as buttons, stickers, coasters, and pamphlets were also available to individuals for purchase and free of charge.

Great Fox Brew Ha Ha
Photo courtesy of Kristin M. Coppens

With the number of craft beers and breweries featured at Brew Ha Ha, it was almost impossible to sample every option.  The samplings that stood out amongst the rest were:
-B Nektar Meadery’s “Zombie Killer” –a personal favorite
-Brau Brother’s “Ring Neck Braun Ale”
-Lagunitas’ “IPA”
-New Holland’s “Full Circle Kolsch”
-Saugatuck Brewing’s “Singapore IPA”
-Shorts’ “Soft Parade Fruit Rye”
-Woodchuck Hard Cider’s “802 Dark and Dry”

As an incentive to drink responsibly and drive safely, Brew Ha Ha also featured a breathalyzer booth at the exit to allow individuals to check their sobriety and keep their party’s safety in line.  The Great Fox Brew Ha Ha successfully catered to all categories of the beer and entertainment industry.  Stay tuned to 101.3 the Fox and The DeltaPlex for news on this year’s event, as well as announcements for the 2013 Great Fox Brew Ha Ha. ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director


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