Day 229: World Snow Day at Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa

World Snow Day
Photo courtesy of Nick Nerbonne

With snow falling across the mitten state this week, winter sports enthusiasts will be grabbing their skis, snowboards, sleds and snowshoes and heading for the great outdoors to enjoy the new blanket of winter white.

With plentiful lake effect snow and a bounty of natural resources throughout Michigan, it’s natural for Michiganders to take advantage of the recreational opportunities that are available to them during the winter.

“The average person living their entire life in Michigan or the Midwest will spend 26 years of that life with snow on the ground,” said Brian Lawson, Director of Public Relations at Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa in Thompsonville. “That’s a long time to sit inside waiting for spring, especially when you consider how many great winter experiences our state offers.”

Have you always wanted to give winter sports a try but never found the right opportunity? Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa is inviting those who are new to winter sports to experience the world of winter fun during World Snow Day Sunday, January 22.

World Snow Day
Photo courtesy of Nick Nerbonne

World Snow Day is a global celebration of snow with 225 events taking place in dozens of countries on three continents, all on one day. The concept is simple: encourage “first-timers” to discover the mountain of fun to be had through skiing, snowboarding and other winter recreation.

“So many of us have been fortunate to be introduced to the sport by our parents, school organizers or family friends,” said Ron Shepard, Crystal Mountain’s Snowsports School Director. “World Snow Day will be a chance to return the favor by enthusiastically creating an environment where new people feel a welcome part of the skiing community.”

As Michigan’s World Snow Day destination, Crystal Mountain is offering a selection of free winter activities in three categories:


Crystal Mountain snowsports instructors will lead demonstrations of the proper use of equipment in the following winter sports:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Kids skiing and snowboarding
  • Adult skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing

At the conclusion of each demonstration, you’ll receive a voucher that allows you to purchase a lesson (with equipment rental) for only $25.


  • Snow Castle Building
  • Art of Snowmaking
  • Snowsports Hall of Fame Exhibit
  • Snowman Search
  • Rinkside Bonfire


  • Guided Snowshoe Tour of Michigan Legacy Art Park
  • Ice Skating
  • Snow Obstacle Course

Try at least one activity in each category and receive a FREE lift ticket to enjoy Michigan skiing and snowboarding at Crystal Mountain during the 2011-12 snowsports season.

Learning is just a part of the experience, says Lawson, “There isn’t a single person who was born knowing how to dress in layers, buckle a ski boot or carve a turn. We all had to learn it from someone and the entire mission of World Snow Day is to create a welcoming atmosphere where the only foolish question is the one that’s not asked.”

Winter sports are all about having fun, and World Snow Day is the perfect opportunity to share your love of winter with family and friends who have never hit the slopes or explored the trails.

“Skiers and snowboarders are passionate about their sport and we hope they’ll take the opportunity to bring someone new to the party,” Lawson said. ~Nick Nerbonne