Day 217: Short's Brewing Company

Short's Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Short's Brewing Company

Huma-Lupa-Licious. Not only is it fun to drink, it’s fun to say. Short’s Brewing Company, located in Bellaire, and is known for its amazing craft brews.

One of my personal favorites is the ever so famous Huma.   According to Mr. Short, “this gem is honored with the name of the hop plant, Humulus lupulus” and I must say, it is ever so hoppy.

Short’s first opened their doors in April of 2004. Production consisted of 178 barrels and proved to be a slight struggle starting out. Joe Short feared that he would not be able to remain open after the winter of 2005. However, with the help of friends and fellow beer colleagues, Short’s was able to pull through. Leah Hannan joined the Short’s team in 2006, working every deli shift for an entire summer to reduce labor costs and eventually became Joe’s wife.

Short's Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Short's Brewing Company

The Imperial Series came out in 2007, gaining attention for their unusual flavors, ingredients, and names. My personal favorite from the Imperial Series is the Soft Parade, which is quite fruitastic; made with pureed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  By 2008, production was up to 2000 barrels and continues to tickle the fancies of our fellow Michiganders.

On a daily basis, Short’s has 20 different beers on tap. Not only that, but there is an abundance of bottled beverages to choose from as well. Simply looking at their beer list intrigues me; the creative names (ie, the Uber Goober Oatmeal Stout) and descriptions make me want to
continuously sample these delicious craft beers . Fortunately, these scrumptious brews are sold throughout various stores so, no fear, if you live far from Bellaire, chances are you can still get a fresh bottle today.

The pub at Short’s has a hefty food menu as well. From soups and sandwiches to baked macaroni and cheese, there is something for everyone to choose from. A variety of pizzas are offered to perfectly match up with the many brews available. There is even a kid’s menu for those youngsters who need to be occupied while grown ups enjoy a special adult beverage.

Short’s prides itself on using local ingredients whenever possible. The Black Cherry Porter is made with Northern Michigan’s own black cherries. Old Mission’s hops can be found in the New Mission Pale Ale, Kind Ale, and the Chinook Pale Ale. Short’s intends to remain a “smaller, state wide beer distributor” in this awesome state of Michigan. The staff of Short’s stays down to earth just by loving their work while enjoying everything Northern Michigan has to offer.

Short's Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Short's Brewing Company

Short’s loves sharing their goodness with the rest of Michigan. This brewery is constantly reaching out and traveling to different locations in the area to provide their customers with an opportunity to sample their many beers.  Recently I had the pleasure of attending the “Short’s Takeover” at 7 Monks Taproom. The Mystery Stout I sampled was, without a doubt, my favorite. An Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with cocoa and molasses, everything about that is right up my alley. “Short’s on Tour” will be taking place the week of January 10 – January 15 at Trattoria Stella. Here you can find a 4 course tasting menu and paired beer flight. Reservations can be made for this event by calling Trattoria Stella.

With all the different locations and events in which Short’s Brews are sold at, there really is no excuse for not being a complete connoisseur of their beer. I dare say the only thing to cure this mild hangover I acquired from all the Short’s tasting I did last night is to pop open another Huma. ~Jennifer Hamilton, Feature Writer

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