Planet Rock Ann Arbor &Amp; Planet Rock Madison Heights Offer Amazing Indoor Rock Climbing In Michigan

Best Indoor Rock Climbing in Michigan at Planet Rock Ann Arbor & Madison Height

Did you know? You don’t need to leave Michigan to experience some of the country’s best indoor rock climbing! Planet Rock Ann Arbor & Madison Heights rock climbing gyms bring a truly awesome experience to the Southeast Michigan region.

Although climbing isn’t one of the activities you would expect to be huge in the Midwest, Planet Rock Climbing Gyms have two world-class indoor rock climbing centers in Madison Heights and Ann Arbor that make learning and practicing rock climbing in Michigan accessible to everyone.

Planet Rock Ann Arbor Rock Climbing In Michigan
Planet Rock Ann Arbor Rock Climbing Gym | photo by Jack Durham

The Planet Rock Ann Arbor rock climbing gym, which opened in 2001, was the largest in the country at the time, and it is still one of the best indoor rock climbing gyms to this day.

About Planet Rock Madison Heights & Planet Rock Ann Arbor Rock Climbing Gyms

Whether you just want to learn for a day, or are an expert that dreams of climbing the world’s toughest walls, Planet Rock Climbing Gym offers great challenges for beginners and experienced climbers year-round. Both locations offer the typical vertical climbing, as well as bouldering, where climbers reach no more than five feet from the ground so no ropes or harnesses are needed.

The Planet Rock Climbing Gym in Ann Arbor, Michigan is amongst the largest in the world offering more than 22,000 sqft of climbing area, 50 ft high walls, lead routes up to 85 ft, a motorized climbing wall, and 3 bouldering caves.

Climbers can either choose to take an adventure and climb a route only using grips marked by a colored tape or simply climb the path of least resistance. The marked routes are one of the great benefits of indoor rock climbing in Michigan – the indoor rock wall holds can be set to accommodate any difficulty level.

Both Michigan indoor rock climbing locations also have a rock tread wall – the climbing equivalent of a treadmill – for continuous climbing only a couple of feet off of the ground.

Serious climbers can also choose to purchase equipment of their own, as both locations have climbing shops. The best part is, those who hold a pass get a discount of 10-15%!

Indoor Rock Climbing In Ann Arbor Michigan
Indoor Rock Climbing in Ann Arbor | photo by Jack Durham

Exciting Things to Do at Planet Rock Ann Arbor & Planet Rock Madison Heights

Rock Climbing Summer Camps at Planet Rock Ann Arbor & Planet Rock Madison Heights

Planet Rock strives to be more than just “a place to go.” There are always some exciting events and ways to get involved. Ann Arbor and Madison Heights both have summer camps for kids to get out of the house and burn energy on the walls.

Rock Climbing Competitions in Ann Arbor Michigan

Planet Rock also facilitates racing for those who want to see how they match up with some of the area’s best. Planet Rock Ann Arbor was recently home to a division climbing competition, where the winners earned points towards an invitation to the national championships. Competitors came from many states, and as far away as Texas.

Experience Indoor Rock Climbing in Michigan

Planet Rock Ann Arbor and Planet Rock Madison Heights are great places to go and try something new. It is sure to be an enjoyable experience for adults and kids alike.

There are a large variety of options for passes, so frequent climbers can choose whichever pass suits them best. There are monthly passes in ranges of one, three, and six months, 10 and 20 punch passes that allow 10 or 20 visits at any times, and annual passes. Couples and families can receive discounts on annual passes, and children’s passes are always discounted. If you just want to give it a try, you can get a lesson and days pass for an affordable price. Both locations are open seven days a week, and late into the evenings on weekdays so it is still possible to get some quality climbing in after work!

Check out Planet Rock Ann Arbor or Planet Rock Madison Heights for world-class indoor rock climbing in Michigan.

article and photos contributed by Jack Durham

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