Day 199: Morsels Bakery

Photo courtesy of Morsels Bakery
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Instead of ordering my own dessert, I’m the kind of person who would rather try a bite of everyone else’s (less calories that way, right?) If you are with me on that one, then Morsels is the perfect place for you. According to Misha and Jeff Neidorfler, the owners of this delectable place, a morsel is a “small piece or amount of food; a mouthful.”  This one of a kind bakery is an indecisive person’s dream. There are dozens of different Morsels to choose from on a daily basis, and being that they are so tiny, you can try many different flavors in one day.

Stationed in downtown Traverse City, Morsels offers many different varieties of these golf-ball sized treats. The most popular being the Ninja Turtle (I’m a fan based on the name alone). The Ninja Turtle is a “dangerously rich brownie with caramel, chocolate, and pecans on top”. If you aren’t one for the sweets (I’ve never understood those people), there is a savory morsel entitled “olive you,” which is a cheddar cheese biscuit with a green olive nestled inside. There’s even a Morsel for dogs! The “Woof it Down” contains peanut butter, flour, dried cherries, egg, and a tiny bit of sugar. My beagle and I are equally impressed.

Morsels outside
Photo courtesy of Morsels Bakery

The coffee is almost as good as the dessert itself. Morsels gets its coffee from Intelligentsia, an award-winning coffee company that practices direct trade.  The beans are always roasted to order and are used to brew different flavors of coffee, lattes, mochas, and many other coffee drinks. There is no combination quite like a white mocha and an “espresso yourself” (chocolate cake with mocha frosting made from Morsel’s coffee and a dusting of ground espresso). Oh my yum.

Misha Neidorfler grew up in Traverse City and was living in Milwaukee with her husband, Jeff, when they decided to act on their dream of owning a bakery.  The two have always wanted to go into business together and after having two kids, decided to make the move back to Traverse City to do so. Only having been open for four years, Morsels is hoping to expand in the future. Their continued strive for perfection in every Morsel and cup of coffee assures that customers will keep coming back to see what special creation the Neidorflers have come up with.

Photo courtesy of Morsels Bakery

Morsels is also the official sponsor of the National Writer Series in Traverse City.  Every time a new author comes to town for it, Morsels creates a special dessert just for him/her, putting a fun spin on the author’s name. One of my favorites is the “Almond Roy,” named after Roy Blount, Jr. It is a coconut macaroon with an almond and dark chocolate ganache drizzle. If you head into Morsels, located on the corner of Cass and Front Street, you can see a full list of signed Morsel cards, all of which were created and named exclusively after the author who had come to Traverse City for the National Writer Series. There was even a Morsel created for Michael Moore during the Traverse City Film Festival. The “Michael Morsel” consists of yellowcake, topped with chocolate ganache, and caramel and cinnamon popcorn.

The exciting thing about Morsels is that they can be shipped as well.  You can order many of their delicious flavors on their website at  These delicious desserts are shipped frozen to ensure freshness.

So while you’re out doing your holiday shopping in the fabulous downtown Traverse City, do yourself a favor and stop by Morsels to try one of their merry treats. I personally recommend the “eggnoggin’ toboggan” which is a festive eggnog cookie with a sprinkle of nutmeg; it is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. ~Jennifer Hamilton, Feature Writer

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