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Day 193: Light of Day Organics

When Angela Macke began Light of Day Organics in 2004, the company was called By the Light of day because she admits, “That is when I committed to get work done.”  This is a humble way of saying; she does a lot in a single day!  Light of Day Organics became an official trademark last year, and her loose-leaf teas are supplied by cafes, restaurants all over Michigan and the US, bought in wholesale, and you can order them directly.

Each Light of Day Organic tea has its only personality and story to tell.  For instance, “Sun in Winter” was created to support seasonal depression and combat flu symptoms which are an ailment of most Michiganders.  Angela admits to having a bit of a sweet tooth, and “Mitten Time Mint” apparently gives thin mint cookies a “run for their money”.  Essentially, Angela cares about people and making them feel good through her organic teas.

“Light of Day has very high standards, my personal values and belief system permeate Light of Day,” Angela explains.  She is a Registered Nurse and the primary “worker-bee” for the company.  At Light of Day Organics, they grow ingredients on site, create and imagine into life teas, as well as package and ship their products.

Light of day tea
Photo courtesy of Light of Day

It is ultimately a family operation with her children becoming more and more a part of the daily Light of Day tasks.  Her children help with planting, weeding, harvesting, bag stamping, packaging, and order fulfillment.  Light of Day is a family affair, and Angela’s husband supports her every step of the way—he even gave one of their most popular teas, “Hummingbird Nectar,” its name.

At their two Leelanau County farms, Light of Day Organics grows over 250 certified organic and Biodynamic (sustainable farming practice offering one of the smallest carbon footprints) ingredients.  They grow everything that Michigan possibly allows and then outsource for any other products from only US, fair trade certified, Biodynamic farms.

Not only are they a conscientious consumer, but Light of Day Organics farm production helps in the creation of Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate, Right Brain Brewery beer, and Valentine Vodka.  “Michigan is incredibly unique and blessed in our ability to grow such a wide variety of foods, we’re second only to California,” Angela explains.  She uses this to her advantage in creating teas that are healing and powerful from Michigan’s awesome ingredients.

The Mitten’s winter months do not mean slowing down.  During the blustery season, Angela and her “team” are taking care of produce, blending teas, packaging them for sale, and preparing for the spring.

Light of Day
Photo courtesy of Light of Day

Along with a lot of changes to their farm, the creation of a retail store, and a new greenhouse comes more responsibilities for everyone.  Light of Day Organics takes it all on with a smile!  Angela even has classes to teach more about preparing tea, the positive effects, and anything else you might want to know.

“Tea is a miracle of agriculture and is the perfect beverage in today’s busy world; it has so much going for it! It helps and encourages people to slow down, stop paddling so hard, to breathe, to relax, and to enjoy the beautiful ride down the river,” says Angela.  She sees the creation of Light of Day Organic teas as a space to instill the values of rest, healing, and experiencing well-being.  She smiles, “For many, this is easily accomplished with a daily spot of delicious tea.” ~Joanna Dueweke, Regional Director

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