Day 192: More Michigan

More Michigan
Photo courtesy of More Michigan

Are you looking for the lowdown on what’s happening outdoors in the mitten? Maybe you are looking for insights on what specific products work best in the state’s unique landscape. If this sounds like you, then you have to go check out the hottest new outdoor blog: More Michigan.

Michigan is not widely known for outdoor action sports. We may lack giant mountains ripe with powder or a vast ocean with endless breaking waves. But we do have awesome, diverse terrain that is prime for numerous action sports and outdoor activities.

More Michigan
Photo courtesy of More Michigan

In addition, we have awesome people with the right mindset. People like outdoor enthusiast, Tim Stoepker from More Michigan ( Tim understands that while the Mitten’s first ascents and descents don’t look the same as other places that does not mean that they offer any less adventure. He feels that the site is a vessel to paint a picture of the opportunities available for fellow outdoor lovers around the state.

More Michigan is an awesome outdoor activity website that focuses on all of the uniquely things that the mitten. They cover almost every outdoor sport imaginable; kite-boarding, surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, ski and snowboarding and outdoor gear reviews. They also do a great job of keeping readers up to date on outdoor happenings, such as which ski video is being screened at a local theater. During the month of November they even had a cool photo contest going on that showcased readers photos of the mitten. (they even had Michigan based przes!)

A visit to the site will inspire the reader to get outside and try something new, or possibly just to get outside!

When he is not writing for More Michigan, Stoepker, an Industrial Designer, fills his time snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing the great lakes, kite-boarding and running.

The site was launched in late June of this year and continues to roll out great outdoor-related content. Stoepker’s goal is to have More Michigan serve as a launch-pad for local companies to debut new products. More Michigan is currently looking to have regional correspondents with many differing areas of expertise, if you feel like writing for them, or if you have an idea for them to cover, check out their site or contact Tim at; he will help you find an opportunity.

Remember to check More Michigan before you head out the door; they may be able to point you in the most awesome direction.

~John E. Yonkers III, Regional Director

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