Day 186: World Clothes Line

World Clothing Line Logo
Photo courtesy of World Clothes Line

World Clothes Line is a “buy one, give one” company that matches each purchase of an item of their clothing line and gives to someone in need.  Clothes are personally delivered, by founder Mallory Brown, 25, to those in need in Peru, Indonesia and the United States.  Launched in September 2010, the World Clothes Line has seen orders from all over the country and the “growth is phenomenal.”  Mallory, a Farmington Hills native, started the World Clothes Line after graduating from Albion College and backpacking around the world.  First visiting Southeast Asia, she was astonished by the “need and poverty.”  Brown recalls having local people ask for her clothes, which in turn she gave away, and returned home with hardly anything.  After Southeast Asia, she took a few more trips to Central and South America, experiencing similar situations.

World Clothing Line Creator Mallory Brown
Photo courtesy of World Clothes Line - Mallory Brown

The World Clothes Line’s process begins when an item of clothing is purchased from their website, and the exact item is then matched and delivered to a country of the purchaser’s choice.  The buyer also has the option to join the “tracking club” for an extra $10, and is provided with details of the delivery, a picture of the person receiving the clothes and stories of the trip.  Currently, clothes are being delivered to Peru, Indonesia and the United States because of the sentimental connections Mallory has to them.

World Clothing Line
Photo courtesy of World Clothes Line

Clothes deliveries first occurred in Detroit as Mallory states it is “important to give back where I’m from.”  She chose to begin with Young Detroit Builders, a GED program for 18-24 year old locals also learning construction skills.  World Clothes Line provided many of the participants with needed clothing and Mallory spoke with them to “encourage them to follow their dreams.”  Also in Detroit, is a community barbecue for the homeless put on by local churches.  World Clothes Line participated this year and provided the homeless with brand new clothes.  Mallory says many of these people were so used to being given used clothes that it was very emotional for them to receive brand new items.  Last spring, Mallory visited Peru again, this time to deliver clothes and says “the reactions over seas are much different.”  She visited a village in the Andes Mountains that had been the victim to a landslide two weeks earlier.  The village was completely lost and the people were living in a refugee camp.  World Clothes Line provided these devastated Peruvians with their first change of clothes in two weeks.  In all of the clothing deliveries, Mallory says the reactions of people are “challenging to put into words. People are so gracious and thankful.”

Looking towards the future, World Clothes Line is planning a trip to Indonesia, as well as introducing authentic products from other countries to their ever-growing clothing line and adding another country to give back to.  Mallory’s biggest hurdle is “spreading the word,”  so tell your friends and help this young entrepreneur change the world. ~Danielle Gordon, Regional Director