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Enjoy Great Eats & Drink at Brew Traverse City

Looking for something to do in Traverse City? Check out Brew Traverse City for great eats and drinks!

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About Brew Traverse City

Brew Traverse City is Traverse City’s finest espresso lounge and coffeehouse serving coffee, tea, espresso, microbrews, local wine, seasonal drinks, food, and live music. Located in the historic Opera House building, the café serves as a gathering point where locals can socialize while enjoying a beverage or light meal. Brew ensures that its patrons feel relaxed and at home by providing Wi-Fi, great music, and comfortable furniture. Brew places special emphasis on outstanding service and appealing products.

Whether you’re looking for the best breakfast in Traverse City, a great spot to meet friends for lunch, or a late-night watering hole, Brew Traverse City is a great option!

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Location of Brew Traverse City

Brew is in downtown Traverse City, and they bring a little something new to the table—literally.  Their location at 108 E. Front Street offers a break at any part of the day.  Brew boasts awesome hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day and until 2 a.m. on the weekend!  They have a unique, quirky style with an extensive menu of coffee drinks, martinis, wines, beers, sandwiches, salads, and treats.  The space itself is welcoming, artfully decorated, and absolutely a place to relax and hang out.  Owners Melissa Charles, Jason Romine, and Sean Kickbush encourage people to come, sit, relax, and spend as long as they would like!

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Brew Traverse City Eats & Drinks

Everything from their seriously scrumptious chai to their “Mochatini” (Vanilla Stolli, Godiva, Bailey’s, and Espresso) to their “Love” Sandwich (bologna with Swiss and cream cheese topped with apple, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and mayo) has been an instant success.  They’ve already developed a following, and are loving the regular and often irregular routine.

Shawn explains, “We wanted to create a place for people to come have a conversation.”  It’s hard not to have a conversation with Higher Grounds aroma brewing in the air, Michigan beers on tap (and in the bottle), and sincerely friendly staff.  Brew is dedicated to promoting their fellow small businesses in town by supplying their fare and allowing for public events.  There is a real sense of camaraderie, and the Brew-ers seem really excited about being a part of the downtown Traverse City community.

Happy Hour At Brew Traverse City

More About Brew Traverse City

The doors at Brew won’t be closed to the public during any event, but they are happy to have staff ready for any sort of soiree people want to have – with a little warning.  They have a very high seating capacity and are excited to accommodate, but they want everyone to feel welcome all the time.  Families are welcome and encouraged all the time, so are friends and those just wanting to get a little work done.

Shawn smiles, “Everyone on staff is friendly.”  He is not exaggerating either; the atmosphere at Brew breathes relaxation and enjoyment in their super comfortable furniture, Wi-Fi, delicious beverages, and great music.

Breakfast At Brew Traverse City

Brew Traverse City is Unique

Everything about Brew is unique right down to the wood on the floors.  “We will never have another location.  I don’t think we’d ever be able to find a place quite like this,” explains Melissa.  The space used to belong to an art gallery, and after “a lot of late nights,” laughs Shawn, the owners were able to open the space up and really discover what they were working with.  They had to have custom windows made and upholsters come in, their tables were commandeered from a closing bowling alley, and they got a lot of useful wood from an old barn.  That’s not even the half of it, but undoubtedly the result is an “awesome” place for people of all ages to meet, eat, and have a conversation.

Every day seems to be a tad bit different at Brew.  If you stop by, don’t forget to check out the bathroom—they have some really “awesome” chalkboards in there so you can leave your temporary mark!

Brew Traverse City Pastries

More Eats, Drinks, & Fun in Traverse City

There are so many great things to do in Traverse City – fun with kids in Traverse City, winter things to do in Traverse City, more Traverse City restaurants to explore, and of course the best Traverse City craft breweries! Snag a room at one of the best Traverse City hotels or rent a Vrbo or Airbnb Traverse City vacation rental and make a weekend of it!

article contributed by Joanna Dueweke // photos via Brew Traverse City

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