Day 184: Marhar Snowboards

Boards in Marhars office by James Fry Day 184: Marhar Snowboards
Photo courtesy of James Fry
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The uniqueness of Marhar Snowboards is impossible to deny.  Not only do they support and integrate Michigan-made products, parts, and services, but their production takes place solely in house from start-to-finish.  In fact, Marhar is Michigan’s only entirely homemade snowboard manufacturer.  Marhar Snowboards LLC can be found on 3043 Broadway in Grandville, just outside of downtown Grand Rapids.

Marhar workshop by James Fry Day 184: Marhar Snowboards
Photo courtesy of James Fry

Marhar Snowboards is owned and operated by co-founders Nathan Morse and Joshua Skiles, both originally from Muskegon.  Morse and Skiles could not be more different in terms of their personality, as well as their background in snowboarding.  On the other hand, the two of them create such a cohesive and successful team when combining their different attributes.  While Morse is the brains behind the graphic design, social media, and website and Skiles holds his own with the QuickBooks, partnerships, and finances, they both mesh together for the implementation, development, and production of each snowboard.  The refreshing characteristic about each of them is that even as they continue to sell and grow, their humbleness and modesty is apparent.  Morse and Skiles continue to feel blessed and grateful for their hard-work, success, and opportunities.

The history of Marhar Snowboards capitalizes on the idea of a start-up business, trial and error, and the insistence of a mission.  Morse and Skiles started the business in Morse’s mom’s basement.  The entire design, development, and production occurred there, with the strong support of family and friends surrounding them.  A number of trial and error scenarios faced the two guys as they built their clientele and experience until they took the plunge to purchase a commercial space for the business.

Nathan Morse and Joshua Skiles Co founders of Marhar Snowboards 2 by James Fry Day 184: Marhar Snowboards
Photo courtesy of James Fry

It seems as though the most important factor to remember about Marhar Snowboards is their insistent dedication to Michigan.  Morse and Skiles have built relationships with businesses in West Michigan and the entire state to provide the materials for the boards.  The guys stress that the importance of this lies partly in the fact that Michigan riders should build Michigan boards.  In other words, the snow and mountains are different here than they would be out west, so the knowledge is significant.  However, Marhar snowboards are transferable to both Michigan winters and winters out west in places like California and Colorado.  Marhar stays true to their promise that everything about their snowboards is designed and sold in Michigan and in-house.

Check out Marhar Snowboards for a genuinely unique snowboarding experience. Visit their website for an option to create your own board design and learn even more about Morse and Skiles and their vision for a locally supported snowboard manufacturing company. ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director

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Twitter: @MarharSnowboard
Phone: 616-929-4672

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