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Day 183: Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks

MR2 Day 183: Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks
Photo courtesy of Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks

The minute you put on a song by Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks, you are enveloped in a sound that is both happy and gritty, and always leaves you wanting more. The trio, made up of Maria Rose, Beni Schlatter and John Patrick, will be releasing their debut album on December 23rd. With a sound reminiscent of such artists as Tori Amos and Adele, but one which is wholly originally, it is bound to be extremely well received.

The band is tremendously anxious to release their album; Maria Rose says, “We are very excited to release our first album!  We spent a lot of time experimenting and handcrafting our sound.  The process of discovery was at times both amazingly beautiful and horribly frightening. We had to make sure it was completely honest and genuine even if we made mistakes along the way.” This honesty and soul is nearly palpable in their music.

MR Day 183: Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks
Photo courtesy of Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks

Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks doesn’t only have soul, however; each member of the ensemble has classical training. Maria Rose studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and also won the 2008 Michigan Popstar Contest. Even with success performing with other bands, Maria Rose still had an immense desire to perform her own music. Thus when she met Beni Schlatter upon returning to Michigan in 2008, an exciting idea was born.

Beni, a teacher who had studied at University of Michigan-Flint, brought with him an electrifying new take on the music Maria Rose had been writing for years. However, after giving it a shot as a duo, they new something was missing. Perhaps they didn’t even know what exactly that missing element was until they saw John Patrick perform with his band Project Aleph-1 and added him into the mix.

John Patrick, who studied both Mathematics and Music at Eastern Michigan University, added his synth sound to the music, giving it even more energy and drive. The trio knew they had found the right fit. Since finding their groove (excuse the pun), Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks have been performing for audiences, winning fans with their inviting and exciting sound.

MR3 Day 183: Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks
Photo courtesy of Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks

Though their first album hasn’t even been released yet, the trio is already writing music for a second album. Maria Rose describes writing as both a trying and rewarding experience. She says, “It can be scary to look so deeply into yourself. But music is always an exhilarating ride and we hope that we can take all of our listeners on that same journey.”

Maria Rose has been enjoying the delight of music since before she was born. While pregnant, her mother was cast in “The Sound of Music” and was so enthralled by the play, she decided to give her daughter the name of the lead character in the play, Maria. So from birth to the birth of Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks, music has been an integral part of Maria Rose’s world. And this passion and enthusiasm is entirely audible in the band’s music.

So check out Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks on their webpage or like them on Facebook and join what is sure to be a rapidly growing fan base! ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer

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