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Day 182: Schnitz’s Deli

Courtesy of Schnitz Bakery Website Day 182: Schnitz’s Deli
Photo courtesy of Schnitz Bakery website

Schnitz’s World Famous Delicatessen can legitimately be categorized as a “diamond in the rough” for Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.  Located at 1315 Fulton St. E, Schnitz Deli can stand its ground with delis from cities like Chicago and New York, while still boasting their home-town, local community feel.

Schnitz Deli Logo Day 182: Schnitz’s Deli
Photo courtesy of Schnitz Bakery website

Brian DeVries, owner of Schnitz Deli, bought the space in 1997 from the previous family of owners.  The deli itself has been in business for over 20 years and was started by the Schnitzelbank Restaurant 21 years ago.  After the purchase, DeVries expanded the space in a number of different ways.  Firstly, the deli itself has more than doubled in size and can now house approximately 90 customers.  Secondly, Schnitz Deli has tied together with the Common Ground Coffee Shop next door.  Customers can physically walk between the deli and the coffee shop from the inside to enjoy additional seating, as well as additional goods and services.

A true homegrown and homemade locale, Schnitz Deli stresses family tradition to the core.  All of the items available at the deli and bakery are made from scratch and in house.  In fact, DeVries’ daughter who is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality recently took over all of the baking from her grandmother, DeVries’ mother.  Another important business notion that Schnitz Deli prides themselves on is their dedication to locally sourced products.  Schnitz Deli has been sourcing all of their products locally for the past 15 years, before the concept gained popularity in itself.

Outside of Schnitz Deli Courtesy of Schnitz Deli Website Day 182: Schnitz’s Deli
Photo courtesy of Schnitz Bakery website

Samplings of the type of items Schnitz Deli offers include: corned beef, pastrami, BLT’s, Reubens, salami, turkey, chicken, soups, salads, slaws, cheesecake, brownies, and many more desserts and sandwich options.  You can also create your own sandwich with any meats, cheeses, and fixings available.

Although the hub and main location of Schnitz Deli is off of Fulton St. (with the bakery just west), there are two other locations for those who are not located as close to downtown.  Schnitz Deli is also located at: 1529 Langley St. SE, and 597 Ada Drive SE in Ada. ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director

Twitter: @schnitzdeli
Phone: 616-451-4444

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