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Day 180: Global Infusion

Global Infusion Store Front - The Awesome Mitten - Photo by James Fry
Global Infusion. Photo by James Fry.

Grand Rapids has done an impressive job of keeping environmental advocacy, the support of sustainable and local goods, and the small business community alive.  Global Infusion is no exception.

For those unfamiliar with the Fair Trade movement, essentially the traded goods are done so with fair prices paid to the producers in developing countries.  In other words, this approach aims to include a fair price for goods and services, decent working conditions, and a commitment from buyers so that the producers retain security.  All of this is meant to abide by a higher set of social and environmental standards, as well as putting the “people before profits.”

Global Infusion - The Awesome Mitten - Photo by James Fry
Inside Global Infusion – Photo by James Fry.

In the words of Global Infusion, their particular shop is an “eclectic fair trade marketplace of handcrafted gifts, décor, jewelry, clothing, and more.”  Global Infusion aims to support and help the Fair Trade movement by selling a number of fairly traded goods from all around the globe.  These include, but are obviously not limited to: baskets, onyx and stone pieces, cookbooks and food items, jewelry, purses, and bags, hats, scarves, and gloves, coffee, teas, and chocolate, journals, stationary, gifts, and more.

Located in the East Hills business district, Global Infusion, with owners Joana Hively and Beth Grilley, has been offering fair trade and local goods for the past seven years.  In addition to their many gifts available for purchase at the shop, Global Infusion is home to an extensive Tea and Coffee Bar that lines one entire wall of the shop.  The Bar boasts enough flavor and choice for coffee, tea, and chocolate lovers alike.

In keeping towards sustainability and propelling such a movement in Grand Rapids, Global Infusion also offers specials to their customers to promote the environmentalist movement and a conscious effort to better our world and community alike.  For example, if you bring your own mug, cup, or other container, you receive .25 cents off any coffee/tea drink of your choice.  In addition, Global Infusion will fill up any type of reusable water bottle of your choosing at no charge.

Inside Global Infusion - The Awesome Mitten - Photo by James Fry
Inside Global Infusion – Photo by James Fry.

Global Infusion shows our community that it is not only fun to promote the Fair Trade movement, but it’s also easy!  Stop by their shop in the East Hills district at 143 Diamond Ave SE today and support not only a local, small business in Grand Rapids, but a sustainable and environmentally conscious one at that. ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director


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