Day 179: MomColoredGlasses

MCG1 Day 179: MomColoredGlasses
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An Indian spiritual leader, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, once said, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” This is true in a way that those of us who are not mothers simply can’t comprehend. Once a woman becomes a mother, her entire perspective is shifted. One group of moms is helping to share this motherly outlook with one another and with the rest of us. These women are the contributors to MomColoredGlasses.

Conceived in 2009 by Rachel Hammond, MomColoredGlasses is a blog that chronicles the mom perspective on life. Calling the website a “blog,” however, doesn’t seem to do it justice. The website has a different theme each month –it was Giving in November and this month’s theme is Peace– and is divided into three main sections where the mothers who write for MomColoredGlasses recommend, inform and share with their audience on a vast number of subjects.

In the Be Inspired section, the mothers share things they have picked up to enhance the simple joys of life. The moms share recipes for both comfort and healthy food alike, and also some recipes that allow the kids to join in on the fun. For those of you who are into DIY projects, the Make It tips provide days of entertainment and fun. The moms also share some of their favorite books for both moms and kids to enjoy.

Rachel MCG Day 179: MomColoredGlasses
Photo courtesy of MomColoredGlasses

MomColoredGlasses also helps mother’s minds, bodies and spirits in the Be Whole section. Sharing perspectives on faith, charity and looking in, the moms behind MomColoredGlasses aim not only to be caring mothers, but happy, healthy people as well. They also suggest ways to live a more “green” lifestyle, but to stay as healthy as they hope their kids will be.

The final section of MomColoredGlasses is Be Informed. Contributing writers share tips on frugality and other ways to be savvy spenders, how to manage being the leader and organizer of a family, and managing kids and pets as a unit. Be Informed also seeks to offer knowledge and guidance to mothers in special circumstances, whether they are an adoptive parent or parent to a special needs child.

MomColoredGlasses isn’t only helping readers, however. Many of the contributing writers note how cathartic it is to simply share ideas and stories with one another. Founder Rachel Hammond, who edits the Be Informed section of the site, says,  “Motherhood is an amazing, but often solitary experience, and blogging gave me a way to connect with other moms who were going through the same experiences…tantrums in the middle of Target, anyone?”

Rachel’s sister, Renae Wortz, who organizes the Be Whole information on the site adds, “So far, motherhood has been one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences of my life […] It helps me to slow down and reflect on life which is necessary when you have a toddler running around.” Maggie Terryn also hopes that MomColoredGlasses will help create a sense of community amongst the mothers who read it. She says, “I hope that you too can relate to, laugh about, roll your eyes at, or feel some camaraderie with me as we all look at the world through our mom colored glasses.”

So if you’re a mother looking for a place to gather or share information, stories and insight (or if you’re someone just looking to gain some insight on motherhood) head on over to MomColoredGlasses, become a fan on Facebook or follow the moms on Twitter! And for those of you gearing up for the holidays, visit the site for gift ideas, and check in every Monday for a new DIY ornament! ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer

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