Day 169: CrossFit


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CrossFit is an elite strength, conditioning and endurance program that trains athletes to become more well-rounded and turns non-athletes into athletes.  There is no prerequisite in becoming a cross-fitter, just the desire to get in better shape and challenge your body’s abilities.  CrossFit combines weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, rowing, powerlifting, kettlebells and running and is featured in over 2,000 gyms worldwide.  It is also the fundamental strength and conditioning program in many fire departments, law enforcement agencies and military organizations.

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Lucky for those living in Michigan, CrossFit gyms are conveniently located throughout the state.  One gym in Michigan, CrossFit Brighton, is owned by former NHL player and Red Wing Alumni Chris Tamer.  At CrossFit Brighton, like all other affiliates, specific times are dedicated for members to come and participate in an hour long class consisting of a warm-up, skill building, WOD, or workout of the day, and the maximum effort, or strengthening section.  The warm-up involves cardio, stretching and sometimes easy lifting to get muscles warm and awake.  Skill building is essential, and allows athletes to work on form so the workout can be performed safely and further warms up specific muscle groups being used in the workout.  The WOD is always ran by a CrossFit certified trainer, whom demonstrates different skills being used in the workout, encourages and keeps a watchful eye on form.  Workouts are conducted in ways to ultimately challenge the body, such as completing as many repetitions of an exercises as possible in a specific amount of time.  This creates healthy competition while also supporting and encouraging fellow cross-fitters at the same time. The strengthening portion of CrossFit is to further challenge your muscles and can consist of anything from kettle-bell swings to reaching a personal dead-lift maximum.  Each warm-up, workout of the day and max effort is different, eliminating boredom and monotony while constantly stressing different muscles.

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Specific to CrossFIt Brighton are workouts designed for kids ages 9-13 or 13-18 years to develop good conditioning skills, as well as hosting workouts for local sports teams.  This September CrossFit Brighton also participated in the worldwide challenge called Fight Gone Bad 6.  Fight Gone Bad is one of the most grueling crossfit workouts and is completed in just seventeen minutes.  The challenge was to complete this strenuous workout to honor the men and women serving our country, and in turn raise money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Camp Patriot.

CrossFit’s popularity has been growing in recent years, and in 2007 the CrossFit Games were born.  The CrossFit Games are an annual competition of top crossfit athletes worldwide, performing a series of WODs to ultimately be named the fittest man or fittest woman on Earth. ~Danielle Gordon, Regional Director


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