Day 162: Moosejaw

PA250850 Day 162: Moosejaw
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

Outdoor sports shops are places of serious things. They are filled with conversations of solo expeditions, technical specifications of gear and tales of epic adventures.

PA250855 Day 162: Moosejaw
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

Enter Moosejaw, an awesome outdoor shop with all of the serious gear and a seriously fun attitude. Moosejaw is an outdoor store with a t-shirt problem; by this I mean that they have a great selection of t-shirts (all with one of their signature Moosejaw designs or slogans).

They opened their first store in 1992 with a goal of making the world of outdoor sports shops an inviting place with a fun atmosphere. One of the greatest things about Moosejaw is that when you walk in their store you will be greeted by an enthusiastic, “Mooooooooooosejaw!” greeting.

Their staff will go above and beyond what any other place is willing do to help you find whatever you need. Most of all they will make sure that you have a great time while you are doing it.

PA250844 Day 162: Moosejaw
Photo courtesy of John Yonkers

From camping gear to fashionable outerwear, from a nice t-shirt and a water bottle to crampons and ice axes for climbing, Moosejaw has all the gear that you could possibly need from all of the major outdoor sports companies. Not to mention that they have a staff that is as knowledgeable as they are enthusiastic! Unlike other outdoor shops, the people who work at Moosejaw use the gear that they sell. They can give you all of the ins and outs along with tricks of the trade to make any adventure more enjoyable for you.

The next time you need a new jacket, camping/ hiking gear or just want to meet a new friend check out your closest Moosejaw! You will leave with a smile and probably some sweet new gear. ~John E. Yonkers III, Regional Director 

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Where to find Moosejaw: Ann Arbor, Birmingham, East Lansing, Grosse Pointe, Partridge Creek and Rochester.

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