Day 152: ArtUP

mainpage Day 152: ArtUP
Photo courtesy of Britten, Inc.

Do you make art?  Entry to Britten, Inc.’s artUP is open to all artists of any skill, level or disposition.  The contest is looking for submissions of fine art, photographs, digital creations, logos and more—until December 28th, 2011.  Kaitlyn Burns (Director of artUP) and Dave Taylor (idea man and Market Leader of Britten, Inc.) are gearing up for this to be a nationally recognized, annual event created to specifically create opportunities and exposure for all artists.  Burns smiles as she describes the contest, “It’s getting art out of the box – and out in public. Not only are there display opportunities and a chance for $15,000, there are continuous opportunities for all participants. It’s a way for artists to sell their artwork and connect with purchasers.”

commerceshot Day 152: ArtUP
Photo courtesy of Britten, Inc.

Literally, every entrant will benefits from participating in this event.  Every piece that is entered will be made a part of the Artist Marketplace, where clients of Britten, Inc. can utilize stocked art.  The artist will receive 10% of the printing invoice.  On top of that excellent marketing, 300 finalists will have their work displayed on light pole banners across the United States.  The prizes keep coming too, because 30 exhibitionists will be chosen to have their work prominently displayed in national shopping malls.  Finally, three Grand Prize Winners will each win $5,000.  There’s no denying that this is an AWESOME opportunity. Burns stipulates, “artUP is awesome because it’s more than an art contest – it’s a continuous opportunity for artists. Instead of just being eligible for $15,000 or display in a couple of U.S. cities, we’ll be able to initiate unique and creative opportunities for EACH entering artist, no matter their age or skill-level.”

flyer Day 152: ArtUP
Photo courtesy of Britten, Inc.
There are going to be several guest jurors looking at entries and making these decisions which only furthers the artists’ exposure!  John R. Berry, executive director of Design West Michigan and founder of SEGD (Society of Environmental Graphic Designers), Kristen Cook is the Associate Director of Print Production, Marketing Creative Services for ESPN, and Paul Welch who is an artist among several other prestigious positions are among the confirmed jurors—more to come!  The jurors are looking to be a part of this exciting opportunity for artists and communities alike.

Britten, Inc. is a creative services organization located in Traverse City and also the city of Wyoming.  They have clients spanning the globe, specifically specializing in custom banner and digital wide-format printing projects. Event agencies, corporate clients, retailers and shopping malls, sporting event arenas and stadiums, media companies, and several other outlets use these creative projects.  Oftentimes, these clients come to Britten looking for original work, and artUP is a way for Britten to procure creative work while creating opportunities for artists to publicize their work.  Burns explains, “This project is a way for artists to network and gain exposure on a national level.”

So ENTER artUP online, check them out on Facebook, and follow their awesome project on Twitter~Joanna Dueweke, Regional Director

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