The Legend of Dogman

Day 148: The Legend of Dogman

DVD Day 148: The Legend of DogmanThe Legend

“A cool summer evening in early June is where the legend began…”

Actually, The Legend began as an April Fool’s joke that was played on WTCM in the spring of 1987. The Legend is a Northern Michigan favorite. It chronicles the tale of the lycanthropic creature known as the Dogman; think werewolf.

The Legend is an old time radio song/ story that is played during the Halloween season on WTCM Today’s Country Music (103.5 FM).

Drawing Copy Day 148: The Legend of Dogman
Drawing of Dogman

The creator of this song, Steve Cook, admits that when he wrote the song he never expected it to be so well received, or to get so many requests. He merely thought that it would be a one time April Fool’s joke. However, almost immediately after playing the song, the radio station began to receive calls regarding Dogman sightings from all over northern Michigan.

While listening to The Legend, the banjo music along with the calm demeanor of Cook, make the hair on back of your neck will stand up as he brings stories of various sightings of the beast.

You can almost imagine, you are out for a late afternoon hike and as the day ebbs into dusk and you are on your way home you hear a twig snap, followed by rustling, and as you look to see what caused the commotion, you catch a glimpse of an animal that could be a bear. But the way that it moves makes you think that it may be a coyote. Then it stands up on its hind legs, turns and looks at you. You freeze with fear, you body fails to move as you realize that this creature has the legs of a dog, and an upper body that bears a striking resemblance to your own. As you fumble for your camera the creature turns and vanishes almost as quickly as it appeared. If this happens to you, count your blessings, head for home and give Steve Cook a call to report the sighting!

Cook also wrote a series of spooky tales about northern Michigan, appropriately titled The Haunting of Northwest Michigan. There are over thirty short audio stories that are sure to send chills down your spine. Wherever you are when you listen to them you will want to have the lights turned on!

One of the greatest things about this collection of stories is that they mention specific Mitten places. After listening to them you will find yourself wondering, “is that the place on Barlow Street with the ghost?” Or maybe, “I wonder if that is the spot the boiling of the Grand Traverse Bay story talks about?”

The stories present everyday places in ways that you would otherwise not think about them.

Cook is currently working on a full-length movie about the Dogman.

You can listen to WTCM for a chance to hear The Legend at 103.5 or 95.5fm in Northern Michigan, or you could visit on your computer wherever you are.

TheHaunting farmhouse Day 148: The Legend of Dogman
The Haunting Farmhouse

In fact, if you want to hear the Haunting and The Legend, tune in on Halloween night starting at 8:30 pm.

If you don’t feel like waiting for a chance to hear Cook’s masterpieces I suggest that you get on itunes or and pick up your own copy, it is well worth it.

The proceeds from sales of The Legend merchandise goes to benefit Traverse City area animal rescue shelters and facilities.

Contact Steve Cook at: and

Remember, don’t go out at night…

~John E. Younkers III, Regional Director

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