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Day 141: Kalamazoo Local Music

Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Music 1 Day 141: Kalamazoo Local Music
Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Local Music

If you are a resident of the Kalamazoo area and are a music fan, I strongly suggest switching your homepage to the Kalamazoo Local Music website. The site was created to “provide the community comprehensive news and event information about the Kalamazoo area local music scene,” says co-founder Brandy Gulley.

Since launching in March, Kalamazoo Local Music has cornered the market on providing Kalamazoo residents with information on shows, bands, and music news in general.  As the site’s fan base grew, so did the services it offered. Kalamazoo Local Music now also posts a full magazine on the site detailing information on bands and shows, sponsors local events (including the Boiling Pot Music Festival featured on the Awesome Mitten earlier this year), and works with local venues to book bands and increase patronage.

Kalamazoo Local Music was created by music lovers Gulley, Daniel ‘Diggler’ Proczko, Jenny Anderson and John Potter after they met at the first Startup Weekend in Kalamazoo. For those of you who are out of the loop on Startup Weekends, they are basically an incubator for new businesses: the weekend long events bring together entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts to share their ideas, form teams, and launch new businesses.

That is exactly what Gulley, Proczko, Anderson, and Potter did. Kalamazoo Local Music focuses on the music scene in a city that is often overlooked when thinking of Michigan’s music (possibly because of its proximity to Grand Rapids and Detroit) and showcases the bevy of awesome small venues and live music played by local artists.

And this small team of music enthusiasts works hard to bring fans the most comprehensive and up to date info on the Kalamazoo music scene.  The team is extremely hands on: researching events, meeting musicians and entering all the collected information by hand. Not that it’s exactly tedious, Gulley says, “It helps when you love what you do!” and adds, “We are just music fans at heart.”

Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Music Day 141: Kalamazoo Local Music
Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Music- Small Town Son

On top of researching events, Kalamazoo Local Music also hosts and sponsors events. Each week Kalamazoo Local Music hosts “Acoustic Battle,” an open mic night at Harvey’s on the Mall, a restaurant and bar in downtown Kalamazoo. The event is free for any artist to participate in and each week’s winner is awarded a $100 donation from Harvey’s.

So check out the Kalamazoo Local Music website where the events are listed not only by date, but also by genre, bands can sign up for “Acoustic Battle”, and you can check out news and photos of local bands and venues. You can also keep updated by liking Kalamazoo Local Music on Facebook. And if you are a band member or a venue owner and want to be featured on the site, Kalamazoo Local Music maintains an open email line for any band and event info. ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer

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