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Day 139: Kahuna Coffee

Photo Courtesy Of Danielle Gordon 2
Photo courtesy of Danielle Gordon

Kahuna Coffee is not your typical coffee shop.  There is always  warm, welcoming feeling when you walk-in, that you don’t always get everywhere.  Kahuna Coffee was opened in April 2010 by Cathy Jones, her daughter Michelle and son-in-law Adam.

Hartland was chosen as the location of the coffee shop after living in the town for many years and enjoying the small hometown feel.  To emulate small town hospitality, Cathy can be found behind the counter greeting most customers by first name on any given day.  When asked her favorite part of owning Kahuna Coffee, she replies without hesitation, “the people.”

Photo Courtesy Of Kahuna Coffee 1
Photo courtesy of Kahuna Coffee

Alongside great customer service, Kahuna Coffee strives to support local entrepreneurs, artists, authors and musicians.  Products from local entrepreneurs are displayed in the coffee shop, such as Dipsy’s, a company started by two local women creating unique serving dishes.  Java Jammas, another local company, creates fashionable coffee sleeves and Day One Clothing, a custom apparel company with products ranging from team sports and spirit wear to corporate attire.  Local ingredients can also be found in baked goods, coffees and sandwiches.  A local baker provides the scones, baklava and chocolates, as well as fresh bagels and cookies baked in house.  The coffee is roasted and special ordered from Coffee Barrel, located in Holt, MI, and can also be bought by the pound at Kahuna Coffee.  Fun flavors of coffee include Cookie Doodle, Butter Rum Cream, Creme Brulee and Cathy’s favorite Jamaican Me Nuts.  In addition to delicious coffee, hot and cold lattes, cappuccinos and espressos are also offered.  An array of breakfast sandwiches, hot paninis, cold sandwiches, smoothies and kids meals round out the rest of the menu at Kahuna Coffee.  Talking about the focus she puts on supporting locals, Cathy laughs and says, “Even our pickles come from Lexington, MI.”

Furthermore, Kahuna Coffee supports local artists, authors and musicians, such as high school student and nationwide published author, Alecia Martino.  Her book Dewey’s First Adventure will be featured for a book signing at Kahuna Coffee on November 11th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.  Musicians are the focus every Thursday and Friday night from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, with previous diverse sounds of the blues, folk, rock and roll and even a five piece band.  Also, one Saturday night each month is dedicated to an open mic night put on by Michigan Musicians Collective.

Photo Courtesy Of Kahuna Coffee
Photo courtesy of Kahuna Coffee

Philanthropy is also a big deal to the owners of Kahuna Coffee.  Cathy, can be found proudly wearing a pin that reads “Operation Nice,” an anti-bullying campaign that is supported by Kahuna.  The campaign encourages individuals to be pro-actively nice by sharing a smile to make the world a better place.  Also Cathy’s faith encourages members of local churches to let her know which church they attend and she will donate 10% back to their parish.

When asked about her goals to support Michigan based companies, Cathy replies, “That’s just who I am.  Just one person” who wants “to give someone a chance.”  Come visit Kahuna Coffee and support an amazing woman who supports so many others! ~Danielle Gordon, Regional Director

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