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Day 137: Maker's Market

Traverse City Makers Market
Photo courtesy of Maker's Market

A year and a half ago, Kelly Nogoski decided to utilize social media to give a shout out to those who might be interested in indie craft in Northern Michigan.  The results were overwhelming, giving her the inspiration to host the first Maker’s Market last fall which was  followed by the Holla-Day Bazaar at InsideOut Gallery.  This year, Kelly and her partner in craft, Troy DeShano are focusing on improving last year’s awesome results.  This year’s Market is going down at Ecco in downtown Traverse City on Saturday, October 22nd from 10 am to 4 pm.  A modest jury decided on the 25 craft vendors, 6 food vendors, and 3 musical performers that will be showcased in the new and larger space.  There were over 100 applicants and the three judges deliberated on each artist’s specific voice, high design sensibility, unique focus, and creativity.  Kelly smiles, “each vendor is surprising.”

When entering the Market, shoppers and snoopers alike will be received at the door with information on how to really enjoy everything that’s going on in the space.  The Market is a big rectangle and Kelly envisions the space as a true to form market jam packed with really great stuff.  She says, “it will be buzzing with crafting energy.”   Kelly boasts that Traverse City is the perfect place for the Maker’s Market because it is such a vibrant and welcoming community.  “It’s a rare community because people are really working to improve it,” Kelly explains.  She sees people getting really excited by events like the Market and has had nothing but positive responses and feedback.

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Photo courtesy of Maker's Market

Ecco is going to be bustling with jewelry, accessories, clothes, fine art, food and delightful musical stylings.  It is going to be a showcase for the region’s stellar DIY community.  Kelly posits that the economy has something to do with DIY movements growing exponentially in recent years.  People are turning to craft to supplement the loss, but ultimately this has become a gain.  Aside from that, the Market has been a great place for DIY-ers to come together—buy, sell, communicate, and network.  The indie craft community is growing and Kelly hopes to make the Market an annual event, expanding its scope to a festival-like atmosphere.  Kelly says, “crafting can be very individual. I want to get people talking.”  Events like Maker’s Market bring those individuals to a common ground.

Kelly is a proud momma, a Traverse City lover, a freelance graphic designer, and an Etsy (an online marketplace) vendor; not to mention a co-conspirator in the Maker’s Market success in Traverse City.  She explains, “I think that its really awesome that people are compelled to make things they don’t have to make and are willing to share that.  It takes a great amount of humility and risk.”  Join these awesome crafters on Saturday and see what the DIY-ers of the Mitten have to offer! ~Joanna Dueweke, Regional Director

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