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Day 135: High Five Threads

The Awesome Mitten High Five Threads 3 Day 135: High Five Threads
Photo courtesy of James Fry Photography

If you’re reading the Awesome Mitten, it’s probably a safe bet that you think Michigan is a pretty excellent place to call home. What better way to show off your pride in your state than by wearing it? High Five Threads is a clothing company that sells locally designed and printed apparel representing the “High Five” state. (Because, let’s face it, if you’re from Michigan, chances are you’ve used your hand to show someone where you’re from at one point or another.)

The Awesome Mitten High Five Threads Day 135: High Five Threads
Photo courtesy of James Fry Photography

Back in 2001, before the idea of High Five Threads was even a glimmer on the horizon, a group of Northern Michigan natives started a small hot rod club. They decided to make the name for the group a play on their common 231 area code, dubbing the club “Deuce Thirty One.” Almost ten years later, three members of the group (Lance Hill, Byron Pettigrew, and Brad Kula) decided to bring new life to the moniker.

The idea started unassumingly enough; the guys decided to bring back their old group handle and put it on a t-shirt. They had a small online store and only one t-shirt design. Once started however, expansion was on the mind of Brad, Byron and Lance almost immediately.

After fatefully passing retail space at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, the trio spent the next two weeks designing ten new original shirts, communicating with vendors and printers, and absorbing as much information as possible about their new endeavor.

The Awesome Mitten High Five Threads 1 Day 135: High Five Threads
Photo courtesy of James Fry Photography

Their dedication to their craft has paid off: High Five Threads now carries not only t-shirts, but hoodies, onesies, decals, glasses, and even ice cube trays; and in just a couple short weeks, hats and stocking caps will be added to their list of goodies (just in time to bundle up for winter)! And for those of you who call Northern Michigan home, High Five Threads will have pop up store in the Grand Traverse Mall during the holidays for you to stock up on gifts for friends and family.

More than just a clothing company though, High Five Threads is all about supporting our great state. Hill, one of the founders of the company, says, “I like to say that we are a t-shirt company with a deeper mission: to help promote local business in Michigan. Shopping, eating, drinking, and just “experiencing local.” And with unique slogans and designs (from Deuce Thirty One to Brewed in MI) High Five Threads is showing people that Northern Michigan has more to offer than charming cottages and delicious cherries.

So show your love for the mitten by picking up some swag from High Five Threads and wearing your state pride on your sleeve (literally!). Also, the company is always adding new products, so be sure to follow the company on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest.

And for those of you close enough to stop into the store, it’s a can’t miss. High Five Threads boasts comfy bean bags, friendly faces and even some North Peak or Short’s Brewing Company beer on tap! ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer

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The Awesome Mitten High Five Threads 2 Day 135: High Five Threads
Photo courtesy of James Fry Photography

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