Violin Monster

Day 134: Violin Monster

365 Project Photo By Paige Comrie
Photo by Paige Comrie- 365 project

Sure, you have come across a street performer at some time in your travels, but have you ever seen a mythical creature ripping beautiful melodies on a super refined instrument?

No? Well, then you must scour the streets of Ann Arbor until you come across the Violin Monster. Part werewolf, part violin virtuoso, this guy knows how to party and is one beast of a street performer.

Monster Fiddler 1 Photo By Johah Fiddler
Photo by Johah Fiddler- Monster Fiddler

The monster plays a selection that covers all genres. From Amazing Grace to Irish music the Monster plays it all! No matter what you prefer, or even if you don’t like music at all, the Violin Monster puts on such a great show that it is nearly impossible to pass him on the street without stopping for a moment.

Hailing from Connecticut, the Monster chose Ann Arbor because, “It’s such a welcoming community.”

The Monster plans to move south for the winter months, but never fear; he will be returning once fair weather is here again.

If you do happen on the Violin Monster, do not be shy, he loves playing for groups of people. In fact, if you do find him he will most likely have a group of people around him complete with adults clapping and tapping their feet, and children dancing!

Looking for just the right ghoulish character to finish out the line-up for a private party such as a wedding? Well you are in luck, The Violin Monster does private parties on request so give him a call, if you dare. (But seriously, he does private parties)

Monster + Jenna Photo By Shereen Michelle
Photo by Shereen Michelle- Monster + Jenna

You can find the Monster this month playing on the steps of the Hill Auditorium on October 15th prior to a concert. He will also be be playing at Zingerman’s Roadhouse for Food Gatherer’s Vampire Ball fundraiser on October 26th. In the interim he can be found anywhere on Main Street, or on East University. Simply keep your eyes and ears open for him. ~John E. Yonkers III, Regional Director

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