Day 122: Art Alley

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it’s awesome: Art Alley is on a mission to re-invent REO Town in Lansing by means of an art gallery. This non-traditional gallery is a place for everyone to express themselves.[/box]

Photo courtesy of James "Jet" Davis

Art Alley is an affordable and accessible space for all artists to use. Art Alley is very heavily involved in the community and wants to be available to help everyone do what they want to do. “Art Alley is a community space to celebrate the arts, whatever form that is,” says Jennifer Middlin, an Art Alley Board Member. Paul Jaques, another Board Member, says, “It’s a creative open space for people to come in and express their creative ways and ideas be it art, dance, or voice.” As they all say, the Renaissance is happening in REO Town and is starting with Art Alley.

Art Alley hosts exhibitions and events, including  workshops and fundraisers. They also offer Club Alley, where a musician will perform live every Tuesday night at 7 PM. The workshops they offer include many types of classes, from learning the basics of reading music to learning how to paint. Just B Yoga recently held a fundraiser where they were actually doing yoga in the Alley. Anyone and everyone can use the space to do whatever they would like whether that is singing, dancing, performing, reading poems, showcasing art, rapping, etc. Art Alley harbors a community where artists can support other artists.

Photo courtesy of Art Alley website

Art Alley was started by the NEO Center which is the Center for New Enterprise Opportunity. Their mission is to help small businesses and encourage creative ideas. Their goal is to help people in the community network and mentor through small businesses.  Both of the mentioned Art Alley Board Members, Jennifer Middlin and Paul Jaques, are founding members of the NEO Center. Art Alley is solely funded by donations and sponsors. The goal of Art Alley is just to be a space that the community uses.

All artists in the Greater Lansing region should be sure to visit Art Alley, share creative ideas, and utilize the space. All other members of the community should also stop by Art Alley to experience the arts and maybe give a little donation. ~Leighanna Whiting. Regional Director

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