Day 120: Crazy Bounce

Photo courtesy of Mike Guisinger- Crazy Bounce

You’d be hard pressed to find something that kids –and probably most adults when no one’s looking– love more than a Moon Bounce, except, perhaps, an entire gym-sized room filled with huge, inflatable bouncy objects. This bouncer’s heaven actually exists, and it’s called Crazy Bounce.

Vicky Schippa and her husband Rocky opened Crazy Bounce in Holland six years ago. Originally, they wanted to open an outdoor rental business, “but Michigan weather being what it is, decided to do it inside,” explained owner Vicky Schippa. Moving indoors has allowed them to operate all year round with a larger variety of inflatables.

To call Crazy Bounce unique would be a bit of an understatement, because it was literally the first business of its kind when it opened. Vicky and Rocky Schippa came up with the concept of Crazy Bounce themselves. Their business model has already attracted imitators. “We are the largest in the U.S. from what we’ve researched, but there are other small ones that have opened throughout the country,” according to Vicky.

So, what exactly is inside Crazy Bounce? A lot of really fun stuff in a big, primary colored foam tiled room. When you first walk into Crazy Bounce, there’s a retail counter where you can buy wristbands and candy. They host an “open bounce” almost every day from 9am to 9pm, where you can buy two hours of bounce time for $10. Just off this room is the main bounce room.  When you enter this huge space, there are lockers for coats and shoes (no shoes are aloud on the inflatable for obvious reasons; you really don’t want to be responsible for popping one of these things). There’s also a small arcade.

Photo courtesy of Mike Gusinger- Arcade

Once inside you’ll be in awe of the number, size, and design of the huge bouncy air-filed objects. There’s way more than just your run of the mill Moon Bounce, though there is one of those too. A sinking ship, a tiger, an alligator, and a shark’s snarling mouth all form tall slides which you can climb and then rocket down like a slip ‘n slide.

A lot of the inflatable objects are actually games; games that can get pretty competitive. There are two obstacle courses, each with two symmetrical sides of climbing walls and other obstacles so you can race the person on the other side. If you’re really daring, take a friend inside the bouncy boxing ring, where you can don cartoonishly large boxing gloves and duke it out. Then there’s this thing. Essentially you hook yourself up to one of the bungee cords and then see if you can run further forward then your competitor. Both of you sort of lose, though, because you’ll both be throttled backward into an inflatable wall once you can’t run any further.

Photo courtesy of Mike Gusinger- Alligator Bounce

Crazy Bounce has a lot of inflatables, though they can’t fit them all out on the floor at once, so the layout does change. Not too often though; the alligator slide alone weighs 2000 pounds, so moving these air filled objects around can be tedious.

Crazy Bounce might seem like a great place for small children, and it is. They have special toddler time (to prevent trampling, presumably), so it is great inexpensive fun if you have smaller children. Crazy Bounce also throws awesome private birthday parties. But really, anyone will enjoy Crazy Bounce. Vicky pointed out that they have about as many college kids come bounce as they do toddlers. “You just have to let yourself go and be a kid again.”

A more in depth list of prices, hours, directions and information about private parties can be found online.

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~Mike Guisinger, Regional Director