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Day 118: Lu and Carls

Lu Carls restaurant. Day 118: Lu and Carls
Photo Courtesy of Brittany Green- Lu & Carl’s Restaurant

Why it’s awesome:  Lu and Carl’s is one of Brighton’s many great restaurants and bars.  It is a great family restaurant by day and a vibrant part of Brighton’s nightlife in the evenings.

Lu and Carl’s in Brighton is for the dogs.  Literally.  The restaurant is named after the previous owner’s dogs, Lu and Carl.  When you walk into the restaurant, the walls are plastered with photos of the dogs of restaurant patrons.  Dana Stott, the restaurant manager at Lu and Carl’s says “a lot of people that come in have pictures of their dogs on the wall…it gives the restaurant a nice home feeling.”

The view of the bar at Lu Carls Day 118: Lu and Carls
Photo courtesy of Brittany Green- The view of the bar at Lu & Carl’s

The dogs are only a small part of the atmosphere at Lu and Carl’s that makes it so special.  The restaurant opened for business in 2000, and people have been coming in for great food and service ever since.  The store is under the ownership of Mike Abrahms as of 2008, but it has the same feel as the restaurant did under the original ownership.

Lu and Carl’s has great menu options.  One favorite is their “Big Nacho” off of their appetizer menu.  Patrons have a choice between getting their nachos with beef or chicken on them.  Another is their Mac & Cheese.  They make creamy mac & cheese with spiral noodles.  Then you have the option of topping your mac & cheese with some juicy, Cajun chicken.

Many restaurant goers love Lu and Carl’s “Flat Sandwiches.”  These sandwiches are made on flour tortillas.  They are warm and are served with tortilla chips.  There options include ham and cheese, smoked turkey and honey Dijon, chicken club, grilled chicken and honey Dijon, spiced chicken, taco flat, spinach artichoke and chicken, and portobello mushroom and roasted red pepper.

Lu and Carl’s offers live entertainment Friday and Saturday night.  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, a DJ comes in and spins hip hop and pop music starting at 10 p.m. until close.  On Saturday, they have live dinner music from 7 until 10 p.m.  Monday nights, Lu and Carl’s has a trivia night.  “The restaurant has a fun vibe,” says Stott. “Monday night’s we have trivia and there is a competitive vibe, and Friday and Saturdays it’s fun.  Every night is a little different.”

The tasty flat sandwich is one of Lu Carls specialties Day 118: Lu and Carls
Photo Courtesy of Brittany Green- The tasty flat sandwich is one of Lu & Carl’s specialties

Lu and Carl’s is a great place for people from the area to congregate for a good time.  It has a convenient location, right on the corner of Main St. and Grand River Ave.  It is clear to Stott that the restaurant is special.  “I think it’s the hometown feeling.  It’s one of the corner bars.  It’s reliable and consistent,” she says, “We stay local.  We have a great atmosphere, great staff, really great food.”  It’s that same great atmosphere, food and staff that have made Lu & Carl’s successful for the past 11 years. ~Brittany Green, Regional Director

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