Day 114: Zipments

zipments 3 Day 114: Zipments
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Have you every wanted to not have to leave your house to get coffee or a newspaper or even a dozen donuts? With the Grand Rapids based company, Zipments, your fantasy can become a reality!

The way zipments works is….

1)    Log on to their website

2)    Post your request and price (Example: dozen krispy kreme donuts delievered to your address and $5 for driver)

3)    Wait for a courier to pick up the job

4)    Donuts delievered while you are still at home

Currently, Grand Rapids is the test market for the company.  Zipments began last October and they hope to expand nationwide. Eventually, their goal is to be the largest source of deliveries and part-time employment.

Customers receive their delivery through a courier. Couriers in the area can bid like e-bay for the delivery job, next thing you know there’s a knock at your door. Many local businesses have used the service to deliver furniture and other office materials when moving to a new office

Zipments believes each order has a story for example…one courier delivered a milkshake to a customer; it was still cold [he had a cooler on the back of his bike] “If we can deliver a milkshakes that is still cold to a customer, we can deliver anything.” Laura Pecherski, Zipments Director of Sales & Marketing.

A large market for Zipments is college students. Many students do not have cars on campus or spare time to go shopping for groceries. Some students even make some extra cash as a local courier.

zipments1 Day 114: Zipments
Zipments Delivery

Zipments is a great source of part time employment for college students and freelancers, the flexible schedule allows them to pick up jobs when they can and meet new people in their area.

To save time and eat healthier Garrick Pohl has started a 30-day challenge, for 30 days he will order healthy food to be delivered where ever he is by Zipments couriors.

The company has plans for a Zip-it-Forward program where customers can send something to a friend to make them smile, like a cupcake. “This will highlight the ways people hook their friends up and make them smile. It’s not expensive to make someone happy.” – Laura Pecherski

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~Rachael Vail-Steele, Marketing/PR Intern

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