Day 113: Midwest Fest

Midwest Fest
Midwest Fest

If the purpose of attending a music festival instead of a concert is to see multiple great artists in one fell swoop for a reasonable price, Midwest Fest is the answer to an indie music lover’s festival dreams.

Hosted at Rubble’s Bar in Mt. Pleasant from September 28th to October 1st, Midwest Fest 2011 will showcase twenty bands from around the Midwest, the majority of whom are from Michigan. For four nights, these bands will entertain festival goers with an eclectic mix of music ranging from pop and folk to blues, to experimental, electronic and almost every other genre a music lover could dream of.

Grown from a random idea back in 2008, Midwest Fest has been creator Corey Densmore’s brainchild ever since. Though the festival has been held in Grand Rapids, it started out in Mt. Pleasant in 2008 and was held there again in 2009. In all of its years in Mt. Pleasant, Rubble’s Bar has always played home to at least part of the Midwest Fest. Though Densmore has had the vast majority of planning each year’s event on his shoulders, he did have some help in the selection process for the bands. After receiving help last year, he put together a large panel of members of the community, media and bands alike to help choose the bands for the 2011 event.

Both old favorites and newcomers were selected for the Midwest Fest lineup this year. Bands like Empty Orchestra, a bluesy band from Flint, are coming for a third year; the folky bluegrass sounds of Frontier Ruckus, from Lansing, will be heard for the second time at Midwest Fest. Then there are the many acts making their first appearance at Midwest Fest. Among them are The Crane Wives, out of Grand Rapids; Chris Bathgate, from Pinckney; and Phantasmagoria, from Detroit.

As far as getting the most bang for your buck, Midwest Fest absolutely delivers. Tickets are available both for the weekend and by individual night. Nightly tickets are only $10 for 18 to 20 year-olds and only $7 for 21 and up; weekend tickets are only $20 for ages 21 and up and only $25 for 18 to 20.

As if the tickets themselves weren’t enough of a steal, Midwest Fest is also hosting a Kick Off Party on Tuesday September 27th, admission to which is FREE! Happening at the Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company, the Kick Off Party will also offer some great entertainment: three additional live acts (Jes Kramer, Bro. Stephens, and W. Michael Freer) will be playing at the party.

For more on this awesome festival, or to get tickets, check out Midwest Fest on their website. ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer


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