Day 108: Menna's

110815 006 Day 108: Menna's
Photo by Leighanna Whiting
[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why its awesome: Menna’s has the best grilled wrapped sandwich’s in the world and they can only be found on several college campuses around Michigan.[/box]Menna’s Joint makes the most “Obscenely Delicious and Wildly Addictive”  wraps known only as “Dubs”. These dubs are unlike any other sandwich’s at any other restaurant. They are not like burritos because there is no rice but they are not a traditional wrap either. Instead they are always grilled, lettuce isn’t the main ingredient, and they come in different sizes and flavors. Check out their menu! They also serve salads, soup, and some of the most delicious fries (which can come loaded with cheese and bacon!).

110815 002 Day 108: Menna's
Photo by Leighanna Whiting

The first Menna’s Joint was opened in 2003 on Hagadorn Rd by Michigan State University. Then two years later another location opened on Albert St in downtown East Lansing that has since become the flagship of Menna’s joint. Keeping to the college campus theme, in 2006 a Menna’s Joint opened in Mt. Pleasant at Central Michigan University. Recently, a location opened in Allendale at the campus of Grand Valley State University.

The legend has it that in the summer of 1969, two hippies met the Woodstock Sound Crew Chief named Menna, A.K.A the Dub Mon, who was grilling up a new creation for the hungry people at Woodstock that he named “the dub”. They were a hit! So the next move for Mr. Dub Mon was to bring these new and delicious dubs to a college campus.

These tasty dubs are a groovy twist on casual dinning. Menna’s is open late and offers delivery so stop by “the only legal joint in town”! Check out their Facebook page, become friends with the Dub Mon, follow Menna’s on twitter, and follow the Dub Mon on twitter! ~Leighanna Whiting, Regional Director

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