Boiling Pot Oktoberfest

Day 106: Boiling Pot Oktoberfest

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Boiling Pot Oktoberfest
As music festivals continue to grow in both number and popularity, it’s hard for individual festivals to stand out. The minds behind The Boiling Pot Festival: Oktoberfest have effectively solved this problem, blending one part music festival, one part art show, and one part community celebration into an epic three day event.

This will be the second year for the Boiling Pot Festival, held once again at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place, both a special event venue and an open space (home to both stages and play structures). Although the site is the same, the event has changed slightly from last year. The 2010 Boiling Pot Festival took place in July, but this year it has been billed as an Oktoberfest event, held Thursday September 29th to October 1st (trading aloe-thirsty sunburns for thirst quenching Michigan beer). The 2011 event has also been extended, boasting three days of entertainment where the 2010 Boiling Pot lasted only two.

Though still in its infancy, Boiling Pot will play host to over 30 bands, many of Michigan origins. But don’t let the close proximity of the bands to the event mislead you: their musical styles could not be more diverse. Featuring Rock & Roll, folk, jazz, metal, and even some hip hop, nearly every genre of music will be represented. The headliners are an excellent example of the diversity of Boiling Pot. The Thursday headliners are Steppin’ In It, a band based out of Lansing, who fuse country, blues and swing for a classic roots sound. On Friday, festival goers can see headliners Legendary Shack Shakers, a band from Nashville, Tennessee, known for their highly individual blend of blues, rock and punk. Rounding out the three day festival is Murder by Death. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Murder by Death has developed an unconventional style of indie rock that has excited fans at shows across the globe.

Another local, yet diverse attraction of Boiling Pot is the beverage selection. Boiling Pot’s beer list is virtually a portrait of autumn in Michigan, with no shortage of Oktoberfest beer and a large number of Michigan microbreweries represented (from the Arcadia Ales, to the New Holland Brewing Company, to the Michigan Brewing Company, and more). If, however, a malty autumn lager isn’t your style, no need to worry: one of Michigan’s oldest wineries, St. Julian, will also be at Boiling Pot to help festival goers party in delicious Michigan fashion.

Boiling Pot is also helping Michigan stay environmentally responsible. The event is considered Kalamazoo’s largest “green” festival, with organizers focused on sustainability, boasting that the festival’s recycling and composting programs were extraordinarily successful in 2010. Not only does the festival have a “green” theme, attendees will also experience astronomically themed art installations created by local artists. In addition to these lunar and solar themed installations, the festival will host a market of over fifty art vendors, selling everything from paintings and photographs to clothing, even vintage bicycles.

No matter your taste or interests, the Boiling Pot Festival has something for everyone, so get your tickets to this awesome Michigan event today! ~Hayley Serr, Feature Writer

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