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Day 102: Riviera Theatre

riviera theatre Darrell Harden Day 102: Riviera Theatre
Riviera Theatre. Photo by Darrell Harden.

Why you need to have Riviera Theatre in your entertainment repertoire: A locally owned theatre with affordable shows, a bar, and acts varying from indie films to rock bands.

Old-school theatres are few and far between. Those that serve cocktails and host rock and roll bands are even more rare. If you’re looking for more than “just a movie,” then listen up. Riviera Theatre in Three Rivers, Michigan is a great place for a night out. With the Riviera Theatre Barand unique films and live acts, it is a great place to take time out from a busy week and have some good old-fashioned entertainment. Yes, you’ll even find popcorn, pop, and candy for sale.

Here’s why I’m a Riviera fan: My wife and I saw “Rocky Horror Picture Show” here in 2010. The film was second-place to the live actors and the crowd acting out the entire story, complete with noisemakers and props. We also saw “Shaken Daddy Syndrome” for the Michigan-made film’s world premiere. The cast and crew was in attendance for a Q-and-A after the show. And Michigan-born band The Verve Pipe played the Riviera Theatre for a rockin’ show in 2010. We’ve had a great time coming to the theatre for varying entertainment.

riviera theatre bar Day 102: Riviera Theatre
Photo courtesy of the Riviera Theatre

The theatre originally opened up back in 1925. 80 years later, new owners took over and renovated the historic building to the current condition. It seats 370 people, and the bar offers several specials. Happy hour runs from 4:00-6:00pm every Monday through Friday with $1.50 domestic bottles and $2 well drinks. The bar is open during events, but it’s also open weekday evenings. You’ll find Michigan beers on tap, too.

You’ll find independent films, unique movies, concerts, and other acts at the Riviera Theatre. Most movies will cost around $6 and the concessions are affordable. Enjoy a cocktail or beer, and enjoy the show! ~Dan Moyle, Contributing Writer

For current and upcoming events, visit the Riviera Theatre website.

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