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Day 100: Feed Your Karma

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[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it is awesome: Anna Kaschner makes delicious gluten free, vegan, and allergy specific foods and treats that are sold all over Lansing. It is a delicious alternative for anyone who desires or requires a change in diet.[/box]

Feed Your Karma is a Lansing Kitchen that makes tasty breads, baguettes, baked goods, and hand rolled pastas. All of these items are made from wholesome ingredients that anyone can enjoy. Feed Your Karma products can be found at several different locations around Lansing. Every Wednesday they are at the Allen Street Market from 2:30pm to 7pm, The Soup Spoon serves Feed Your Karma desserts, Just B Yoga has some yummy granola and snacks made at Feed Your Karma, and there are several grocery stores that carry Feed Your Karma goods: Goodrich’s Shop-Rite, Food For Living Store, and Saffron’s Gluten Free Grocery in Grand Rapids.

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In 2005, Anna Kaschner was diagnosed with kidney disease so she had to make some radical changes to her diet, including becoming gluten-free. She really noticed a difference from her diet changes. But after suffering through the horrible gluten-free food at the hospital after her kidney transplant in 2009, she had the inspiration to open Feed Your Karma, and in April of 2010 Feed Your Karma was opened in Lansing. Kaschner choose Lansing partly because she is from Lansing area but also because there is a great market for gluten-free food. No other place in Lansing makes gluten-free food the way Anna Kaschner does. “What makes the Feed Your Karma signature is not any one product but it’s more about the technique,” say Kaschner. Everything she makes is from scratch and she makes everything herself. “What makes me different from other gluten-free shops around here is the quality,” Kaschner says about Feed Your Karma.

At the Allen Street Farmer’s Market, the interactions with the customers have been very rewarding. People tell Kaschner that after eating her food they feel better and it gives them hope. People go home to try recipes from Feed Your Karma and they feel empowered. Among the wide range of customers, the most common are women shopping for their kids. So, naturally, the most popular items are the breads, baguettes, cup cakes, and birthday cakes. Currently there is not a way to order the treats online but by emailing Anna or calling her you can place a order that will be shipped to you!

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Anna Kaschner bring not only tasty treats to those with a specific diet but she also brings hope and inspiration. Feed Your Karma is filled with so much heart and Kaschner gives so much of her time to guarantee the best quality for her customers. ~Leighanna Whiting, Regional Director


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