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Feast on Michigan’s Best: Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

There is only one word to describe the taste of Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee: Magic.

Dave's Sweet Tooth
Photo courtesy of Dave’s Sweet Tooth

That’s right, it tastes like magic. Handmade with only a few simple ingredients; milk chocolate, butter, almonds, and sugar, I am only slightly embarrassed to say I once ate an entire jar in one sitting.

About Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Dave Chmielewski is a retired firefighter who had been making toffee for years for friends and family during the holiday season.

Once people started calling him up and requesting the toffee year-round, his son, Andrew Chmielewski, then studying Business Administration and Marketing at Oakland, recognized this “obvious business opportunity” and decided to put his schooling on hold.

In October 2010, Dave’s Sweet Tooth officially went into business and grew exponentially.

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee
Photo courtesy of Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Michigan Made Toffee

This toffee sets itself apart from the competition in every way possible. Andrew emphasized that every batch of toffee is homemade and handmade; always by real people and never to be produced by machines.

For quite some time, the toffee was made in the home kitchen of the Chimielewskis. However, with the rapid expansion, a dedicated kitchen was required to provide for the mass amount of toffee that needed to be produced.

This toffee is made in the metro Detroit area and will always be made in the “awesome state of Michigan.” With the continued exponential growth, the Chmielewskis hope to create many jobs in the near future.

Unique Features of Dave’s Sweeth Tooth Toffee

Everyone knows that the only downfall of toffee is that it tends to stick to your teeth. However, the toffee from Dave’s Sweet Tooth has won a special place in my heart because it is softer than the traditional English toffee you come across, therefore not sticking to your teeth.  

The secret trade that the Chmiewlewskis have created has made this product undeniable.

An added bonus of this amazing toffee is the reusable mason jar it comes in. Each batch of toffee is packaged in either a 12oz or 1.5-pound mason jar. Andrew described how these can be repurposed for canning, beer, wine, or lemonade glasses.  

Dave's Sweet Tooth Mason Jar
Photo courtesy of Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Where to Purchase Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Toffee from Dave’s Sweet Tooth is currently sold in various locations throughout Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and the greater Detroit area. Check out their website at davessweettooth.com for a full list of locations.

If you don’t happen to be near one of their several locations, fear not, this magic can be purchased online and bears no additional shipping costs.

Article Contributed by: Jennifer Hamilton

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