Creating a Mitten Hideaway at The Eyrie

Photo courtesy of The Eyrie.

As soon as the door of The Eyrie gently swings open, you are transported to a realm where Michigan is supreme and the love of the state is a truly visceral experience. The small store on the banks of the Huron River is a cultural gift shop that features Michigan artisans & sundries in Ypsilanti’s historic Depot Town. Store owner and true Mitten patriot, Janette Rook, opened The Eyrie earlier this year as a showcase of what the artisans of the state have to offer in regards to artwork, accessories, home decor and so much more. It is truly an inspirational sight to see how much love and enthusiasm pours out for Michigan from craftspersons all over. For someone that believes the Mitten is truly awesome, it is a dream come true.

First and foremost, it is important to know where the name of the sweet shop evolved, and Rook explains, “An eyrie is an eagle nest and I hope I’m creating a cozy little hideaway outside of all the stress of daily life where people can feel peaceful and inspired.” Inspiration is easily attained while perusing the various paintings, handmade soaps, carefully crafted necklaces… really this list could go on and on.

Photo courtesy of The Eyrie.

To follow understanding where The Eyrie manifests from, it is important to know why Rook decided to locate in Ypsi. She says, “Ypsilanti has a feeling of rejuvenation and possibilities that permeates the air.” For those of you that reside in the town, or have spent time there, this is really obvious. The community in Ypsi is thriving and beautiful, and Rook is completely founded in seeking her abode in the heart of its history.

“The ingenuity and hard work of the people of this state helped lead the country to untold levels of prosperity over the years and I’m so proud to see we are rising to the challenges and reinventing ourselves yet again,” explains Rook. Not only is Ypsi rising and thriving, but all of Michigan is finding its niche in the burgeoning changes. Seeing

the love and devotion that the community members have put into the facade and garden around The Eyrie, coupled with Rook’s impeccable wares, only points to a move toward prosperity founded in community that hugs the whole state.

A venture such as this would not be possible without the enthusiasm and skill of the artists around the state. Rook says, “The reception I’ve gotten from the artists has been very warm. I was surprised actually, at how many of the artisans are just incredibly appreciative to be part of a store that promotes locally made goods. The feeling is entirely mutual; I am so honored that they have all so readily agreed to give The Eyrie a chance.”

The artists and Rook’s mission complement one another brilliantly in the shop that floods with sunlight and the epic sounds of the Huron River flowing outside its doors. Every inch of The Eyrie is a reminder of why so many of us love and cherish the Mitten whether we are living in the bustling metropolises, nestled away in a farm town, or missing the Great Lakes from states away.

Photo courtesy of The Eyrie.

Rook is constantly reminded of how inviting Michiganders are with her incredible Yspi community members. She says, “Ypsi residents from the surrounding neighborhoods have been sweetly welcoming, offering helpful advice, the gifts of flowers and decorative pieces for the garden, and even volunteering to help with the hard work of arranging paving stones and more.”

A visit to The Eyrie is not only a testament to the amiable community found in Ypsi’s Depot Town, but also to the resilience, ingenuity and enthusiasm of Michigan artisans and those that wholeheartedly support their pursuits. Find out more on The Eyrie’s website, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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