Friends Holding Lattes At Coffee Shop In Fenton Michigan
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Cozy Up for Drinks At Fenton’s The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee or a pick-me-up with a twist, Fenton’s The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom is a great option. I love stopping by any time of the day – brunch is always a good idea, lunchtime coffee is great, and date night drinks are always flowing. 

The Rough Draught Coffee And Barroom Outside Sign Fenton Michigan
The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom in Fenton, Michigan.

The coffee shop and bar is located in one of the newer buildings in Fenton, but feels historic and industrial with its large windows, exposed brick and graffitied walls. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re walking into a coffee shop from one of your favorite TV shows, speaking of which, you can typically find shows like “Friends” playing on the screen in the corner. The staff and atmosphere are both super chill, so you can expect a relaxing experience from the moment you enter.

Coffee Shop In Fenton Michigan
The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom Flavor of the Day and coffee station.

While I typically head to The Rough Draught for date night with the hubs or a girl date with my bestie, I decided to invite some of my work friends for a midday pick-me-up to try out some of the coffee creations that are on the menu.

So Many Flavors, So Little Time

As a perpetually indecisive person, having a ton of options can be anxiety inducing. However, while The Rough Draught does have a gazillion flavors of syrup for your coffee and latte creations, they do provide a few specialty lattes on their menu for those of us who need guidance. This trip, I went for Samoa – a chocolate, caramel and coconut concoction that hit the spot. Each flavor was recognizable without being overpoweringly sweet. If you’re not feeling coffee, you can always go for a classic Chai Latte. One of my coworkers ordered chai and it was a perfectly spiced way to brighten the rainy day.

Friends Holding Lattes At Coffee Shop In Fenton Michigan
Variety of lattes from The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom.

You can also try their flavor of the day, which is always written on the chalkboard wall as you enter. Today’s choice was Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble and it sounded devine. Always count on them to have something unique and flavorful to try. 

For warmer weather, I highly recommend checking out their frozen cappuccino options. I’m pumped for summer so I can head over and grab a Curious George (banana and coconut) frozen cap and sit outside on their patio. 

Of course, the Rough Draught changes their menu with the seasons, keeping a few favorites always available. While their winter menu is still active, you can find coffee cocktails like the Gumdrop Buttons or Smiling Is My Favorite (Buddy the Elf, anyone?). Grab a Kevin McAllister flatbread for your entree or for sharing with friends and you’re right in the spirit. When summer rolls around, we’ll have a whole slew of options with witty titles to choose from. You can bet that for each season, you’ll find some themed concoctions to choose from.

Samoa Latte At Coffee Barroom In Fenton Michigan
Samoa Latte from The Rough Draught Coffee & Barroom.

Coffee for the Day, Boozy Coffee for the Night

While this trip consisted of an afternoon hit of caffeine, I highly recommend checking out this bar in the evening. If you visit on a Friday or Saturday night, you can typically enjoy a live music set from small artists in the area – check out their Facebook page for updates. My favorite date night order is to start with a Ziggy Stardust – lunazul blanco, dry curacao, lime, agave and brut bubbly – add one of their mouth-watering burgers (T-Rex (a burger with peanut butter!) or Olive You Longtime are my faves) and end on a high note with a coffee cocktail.

Grafitti Wall At Coffee Shop In Fenton Michigan
Graffiti walls at The Rough Draught make visits interesting and fun.

Stay Awhile or Grab and Go

The Rough Draught is set up for customers to chill out for a while or run in for a coffee to-go. When you walk in the door, you can be seated in the industrial style dining area or check out the bar which lets you cozy up to the bartenders and baristas. You can find their special drinks, coffee menu and beer on tap right in front of you.

Bar Seating At Coffee Shop And Barroom In Fenton Michigan
Have a seat at the bar while sipping on a latte or boozy beverage.

Alternatively, stop in on your way to work or while heading into town for some shopping. Just pop right up to the counter and order your latte to go. During this visit, we enjoyed our lattes at the table but snagged some salads to-go.

Friends Laughing Over Coffee At Coffeeshop In Fenton Michigan
The Rough Draught is a perfect place to share a laugh with friends over a good cup of coffee.

Getting the most out of your visit:

Since I visit The Rough Draught often, I can’t leave you without some recommendations of my own: 

  • Brunch is always the answer: between their mimosa options and the latte selection, beverage selections are hard to beat, plus they serve a drool-worthy avocado toast.
  • Keep an eye out for the train that passes by: Situated right by the train tracks, you can bet that if you go at the right time (usually around 11 am and 5 pm), you’ll see the train go right by. Always entertaining if you are with the kiddos. 
  • Bring your book or laptop: Sit right at the bar or by the window and get some work done while enjoying a cup of coffee or a latte. The Rough Draught is always chill enough. 
  • Try out the flavor of the day: Check out the chalkboard by the door – you can be sure to find a fun latte flavor for something new.  
  • Grab a burger: My favorite burgers are the T-Rex which has peanut butter and pickled jalapenos, creating a unique flavor burst. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the 9 ¾ doesn’t disappoint either, and if you could eat a jar of olives, the Olive You Longtime is for you. 
  • If you like to partake in a drink: End your visit with a coffee cocktail – in the summer they serve a Mexican coffee drink that incorporates tequila, chocolate, and cinnamon.

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