Coworking Your Way Around Michigan

Coworking Your Way Around Michigan

Coworking spaces are making their way into many Michigan communities because of their ability to give innovative work space and amenities to entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers, early startups, and more. These spaces are a way to encourage collaboration and community while offering the perks that these solitary ambitions often lack.

co-lab detroit
Courtesy of Co-Lab Detroit.

Detroit’s network of coworking spaces celebrate the influx of this style of working to the city with Co-Lab Detroit, which is a website highlighting the different venues found in the city. Earlier this year, seven of Detroit’s coworking spaces were open for folks to visit and learn more about this new creative economy. The Awesome Mitten saw a lot of value in this event, but we wanted to highlight some of the other coworking spaces sprouting up across the state as well.

West Michigan

The Factory in Grand Rapids – “Everyone is welcome in our space. You’ll find freelancers, service companies and even corporate innovation teams at the Factory.”

Warehaus Business Center in Holland – A membership-based coworking space with private offices available.

The Bureau in Kalamazoo – “The Bureau is more club than office. We provide the professional space and community that comes from “going to the office” with the flexibility of working from a coffee shop. Use the space as much or as little as you like. No leases, no commitments, just community.”

the factory
Courtesy of The Factory.


The Hatch in East Lansing – “The Hatch, in partnership with msuENet, is designed to host, encourage, cultivate and enable student entrepreneurs to grow their ideas through a creative, co-working environment.”

Northern Michigan

CoWharf in Traverse City – “The CoWharf is an open work environment that saves freelancer-types from the isolation of working from home. When working at the Wharf, workers gain a community of coworkers that they can bounce ideas off of, network with, and join forces with to change the world.”

Space Coworking in Traverse City – “Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which independent, like-minded thinkers that tend to be nomadic by nature work in a shared environment; an office space where cool and artistic events occur and have relative position and direction in the universe.”

Southeast Michigan

Workantile in Ann Arbor – “Workantile is a coworking community for independent workers in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. Our members are mostly remote employees and self-employed people who have come together to create a productive place for working socially.”

Photo courtesy of CoWharf.

Byte & Mortar in Troy – “We provide the skilled reception staff, secure and lightning-fast WiFi, exclusive mailing address, professional conference space, full-featured phone, utilities, print/copy services, modern furniture, cleaning and anything else that we forgot to list.”

Frontal Lobe in Howell – “The space will provide all the amenities of an office, servicing the needs of many types of business owners.  In creating this unique space we want to give the coffee shop feel without all the coffee shop distractions.”

There are too many awesome coworking spaces to mention them all, not to mention all of the great incubators growing exponentially in popularity. Where do you cowork? Is this something you could get behind in your community?

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