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Halloween Costume Ideas for Michigan Weather

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    What are you going to dress up as this year for your Halloween celebrations? Of course there are limitless choices- a pirate, a zombie, a witch complete with green skin and broomstick, or maybe a vampire (but not anything like Edward Cullen, please). However when you’re living in the state of Michigan, you also need to keep in mind the ever-changing temperatures and weather when choosing your costume. How are you going to wear your ideal costume without having to cover it up with a jacket or your rain boots? Here are some tips for planning your Halloween ensemble this year:

    The Awesome Mitten - Halloween costume ideas for Michiganders
    Photo courtesy of Disney.

    One way of dealing with changing temperatures (and weather forecasts) is just dressing the occasion. If you are a fan of fur coats, you can dress up as Disney villain Cruella DeVille. Hats and gloves also are a great way to stay warm. Add some jeans and an old flannel top and you can play a hobo.

    Even with colder temperatures, one can pick a warmer weather themed costume (such as a Caribbean pirate, a mermaid/man, or even a hula dancer).

    I realize that cold temperatures are not the only weather related issue that Michiganders may come across this time of the year. Rain and snow can also be potential threats to the perfect Halloween costume. You can always go with the weather (go as a snowman or Santa), but there are also creative ways to incorporate umbrellas or sweatshirts into your costume (see the jellyfish and dinosaur costumes below).

    Photo Courtesy of Family.go.com

    Those are some ideas on ideal costumes for the cooler Michigan treat or treating, but nevertheless try wearing some long underwear or SmartWool apparel under your costume to keep warm. Comfy shoes are also a good idea if you’ll be walking around all night

    Here’s an idea of how the forecast looking this year:

    1) Houghton
    Festivities: downtown business Trick or Treat event on October 29, 5-7 pm.
    Trick or Treat on October 31, 5-8 pm.

    27th (Saturday)- high 36, low 29 precipitation 30%
    28th (Sunday)-high 37, low 29 precipitation 10%
    29th (Monday)- high 38, low 33 precipitation 10%
    31st (Wednesday)- high 40, low 34 precipitation 20%

    2) Grand Rapids
    Trick or Treat information.

    27th (Sat.)- high 47, low 31 precipitation 10%
    28th (Sun.)- high 46, low 28 precipitation 10%
    29th (Mon.)- high 46, low 36 precipitation 0%
    31st (Wed.)- high 49, low 36 precipitation 20%

    3) Detroit
    Metro Detroit Halloween festivities.

    Photo courtesy of http://thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com

    27th (Sat.)- high 49, low 36 precipitation 20%
    28th (Sun.)- high 47, low 34 precipitation 10%
    29th (Mon.)- high 47, low 36 precipitation 10%
    31st (Wed.)- high 49, low 39 precipitation 10%

    4) Traverse City
    Traverse City Halloween festivities.

    27th (Sat.)- high 44, low 31 precipitation 10%
    28th (Sun.)- high 45, low 30 precipitation 20%
    29th (Mon.)- high 45, low 37 precipitation 10%
    31st (Wed.)- high 50, low 37 precipitation 20%

    5) Mount Pleasant/Clare
    Mount Pleasant/Clare Festivities.

    27th (Sat.)- high 48, low 28 precipitation 10%
    28th (Sun.)- high 46, low 27 precipitation 20%
    29th (Mon.)- high 46, low 33 precipitation 10%
    31st (Wed.)- high 48, low 34 precipitation 10%

    The Awesome Mitten - Halloween costume ideas for Michiganders
    Photo courtesy of Rich Foreman.

    Have a safe, fun, and warm Halloween! (Remember to check the forecast or look out the window before you leave for the evening). 🙂

    ~Amy Page, Feature Writer

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