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Community Thrives at Corner Brewery

Corner Bar
Daily tap menu. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

Walking into the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti just outside the town’s historic Depot Town is love at first sight for a craft beer drinker. With mugs hanging from the ceiling, huge booths and tables for gathering, couches for lounging, and tons of space bathed in sunshine from giant windows, it breathes goodness into the life of a community committed to doing what’s right while drinking good beer.  I had not spent any time in Ypsi until a beautiful spring weekend the Awesome Mitten was invited by Visit Ypsi to learn more about the town, what it has to offer, and the people that make it great. A highlight was learning more about Arbor Brewing Company’s unrelenting commitment to community, sustainability and superb craft beer at the Corner Brewery.

Corner Brewery
Mugs. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

Founded in 2006, the Corner Brewery was meant to be merely the bottling and distribution spot for the very popular ABC Brewpub out of Ann Arbor. It has accomplished that and so much more! The Ypsi community was hungry for a space that the Corner Brewery was able to provide, and Brewery Manager, Dan Peron (aka Danny Boy) explains, “Our space serves kind of like a soap box or meeting place for groups in the community.” While our group was touring the brewery, there was even a baby shower going on; it’s a space that accommodates many.

Corner Brewery
Live art in the beer garden. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

More than being a community space, the Corner Brewery and its enthusiastic staff is guilty of creating really good beer. Not just good in the sense that it tastes great (because it does), but it is also made in sustainable ways. It has always been a priority for Arbor Brewing to create ecologically friendly ways in which to brew, bottle, and distribute their beer. After some recent renovations, the Corner Brewery has installed solar panels for energy consumption, participated in energy saving initiatives with DTE, and is currently investigating ways to reuse and conserve water. This among many other things contributes to Arbor Brewing’s positive impact on the Ypsi, Ann Arbor, and Michigan craft beer communities.

As many of you have probably already heard, Arbor Brewing has also set up shop in Bangalore, India after a University of Michigan student proposed that the brewery follow him home after graduation. The endeavour has been a huge success and you can follow along as the team continues its mission as the first American craft brewery in India. As with every project, this one is also committed to a positive work environment, sustainable practices, sourcing locally, and creating delicious beer.

When it comes down to it, making good beer means a whole lot more than just what the customer is served at the end of the day. Arbor Brewing definitely delivers on that at Corner Brewery.

Corner Brewery
Daniel Peron aka Danny Boy the Brewery Manager. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

Don’t get me wrong though, their beer is still top notch. Peron smiles, “My favorite beer on tap right now is the Green Giant. It’s an organic pilsner, and it’s cool that it’s organic. It’s really cool that it’s a pilsner because we’re an ale house. It’s a real treat! Also, the Ypsi Gypsy–If it weren’t for Green Giant, it’d be Ypsi Gypsy as my prized possession as far as the beers that we feature. It’s an excellent pale ale and a great sessionable beer.” The labels for Green Giant and Ypsy Gypsy are Peron and his wife, but I won’t assume that sways his decisions too heavily. I can attest that they are both divine.

Drop in and visit the Corner Brewery for whatever they have on tap because I guarantee a whole lot of love, devotion, and care went into creating a great beer drinking experience for you.

Find out more on the website, Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I felt at home the moment I walked into the Corner in January of 2007…I consider it my second home! 🙂

    1. That’s so great, and as my article says… So did I! It’s a great spot ran by great people!

  2. All so true and so much more. I drive 17 miles each way to be a part of the Corner community. Totally worth it. Great service, great beer, great friends and great times.

  3. We love everything about The Corner, it’s beer, it’s people, it’s personality! We drive close to 40 miles to get to Ypsi from home, and make it a point to go visit the Corner on every visit!

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