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My father is a dedicated and most decidedly Michigan man. He taught me two things as I came into my own as an adult living in the Mitten.

1. Drink good beer, everything else is a waste of time.
2. Good coffee will change your whole outlook on the morning (essentially your life).

The beer gets a lot of press in this great Mitten state of ours, and so I’d like to concentrate on all of the fantastic coffee roasters at each of our disposal.  You see, coffee is best fresh, and it is even better when you can shake the hand of the person that helps to create the one thing that can make an early morning somewhat worthwhile. As we all know, the sunrise in Michigan is unlike any other whether you get to experience it over Lake Michigan, in the rolling hills, over the Detroit skyline or any other choice Mitten destination. Mornings are not something to miss, and the following coffee roasters are here to help.

Chazzano Coffee Roasters
Logo courtesy of Chazzano Coffee Roasters.

Chazzano Coffee Roasters
1737 East 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: 248/691.4256

Helping to educate. Chazzano is passionate about their product, but they are also dedicated to showing people how to truly appreciate a good cup of coffee.  I was lucky enough to experience one of Frank’s (the owner) demonstrations where he not only taught everyone in attendance how to use a French Press, but also to exuberantly sip and slurp the coffee to fully experience the flavor profiles of the expertly roasted beans. Apparently, wine only has 750 flavor profiles compared to coffee, which has over 1500. Contact Chazzano for your very own cupping party.

Logo courtesy of Higher Grounds Trading Company.

Higher Grounds Trading Company
806 Red Drive, Suite 150
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 877/825.2262

Helping advance economic justice worldwide. Higher Grounds is not only committed to roasting amazing tasting coffee locally and sustainably, but they also created a non-profit segment to the company On the Ground to promote economic justice. The proceeds from Higher Grounds coffees goes to helping the lives of people all over the world, including the farmers that grow the beans of their very special product.  You can be sure that a purchase will promote Fair Trade, save biodiversity and bird habitats, promote organic agriculture, support the formation of indigenous rights and dignity, and foster corporate responsibility. Find out more about On the Ground and more about Higher Grounds.

Elesblend Sm
Photo courtesy of Paramount Coffee.

Paramount Coffee
130 North Larch Street
Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: 800/968.1222

Helping longevity. Paramount Coffee boasts an exceptional history of serving the Mitten for over 70 years.  They offer several brands trusted and respected all over the state. Ask anyone in Lansing, and people love the restaurants that serve Paramount like Golden Harvest.  Also, they offer a brand called Ele’s Coffee that supports Ele’s Place.  A non-profit organization serving the Lansing and Ann Arbor regions, Ele’s Place supports grieving children at no cost to the families because of strong community support.  The roasters, package and market the Ele’s Place coffee program as part of its continuing commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Ele’s Place is just a snippet of the awesome things this company does for the whole state.

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Photo courtesy of Elise Murray (Owl Cafe).

Kalamazoo Coffee Co.
414 Walbridge Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Phone: 517/404.7836

Helping with variety. Kalamazoo Coffee is definitely proud of their coffee roasted dedicated passion, but they also have some stellar teas that truly highlight all the Mitten has to offer.  They believe that drinking tea is an experience in and of itself that triggers a nostalgia unlike any other.  Kalamazoo is dedicated to using only organic, locally (like only from Michigan) sourced fruits and herbs that are expertly chosen for each tea.  The teas are blended from fruits and herbs chosen at the peak of their season and dried to create small batches of brilliance.  Many of their drinks are prepared “fresh-from-scratch” and people believe them to be unlike any other. If interested, check out Black Owl Cafe to really experience the passion behind the variety of Kalamazoo Coffee products.

These are by far not the only coffee roasters in Michigan, but they are a sampling of what kinds of passions are brewing (or roasting).

~Joanna, Feature Writer

Did we leave off one of your faves? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Also Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters. Craig and his crew are terrific at custom roasting specifically for you, and will answer any question you could have about coffee roasting at The Saturday Experience.

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