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Cocoa del Sol

Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill
Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill

When I think Water Street Coffee Joint, I think of a white mug filled with exotic coffee, cozy, chill music, no-sleeve-necessary coffee to-go, and quality taste.

The coffee experience seems to indisputably please all; in fact, they are known for their dedication to quality coffee and an atmosphere to complement. So what’s something you don’t know about Water Street?

Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill
Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill

Water Street serves the best kept hot chocolately secret around, the Cocoa del Sol.

Like many, hot chocolate brings up the very best of my childhood memories in snowy Michigan. My siblings and I used to play in the snow for hours–building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and sledding until our little legs couldn’t manage to help us up the hill anymore. Ice pasted our hair into clumps and intense rosy cheeks occupied our face. When the cold finally got to us, or when our mom called us in, the first thing we did was make a big cup of hot chocolate, hopefully the kind with the marshmallows. Sounds familiar, right?

Well over the years, as Michigan continued to be snowy, we had hot chocolate less and less. I played in the snow less and started to order a mocha or some other sugared-up whipped cream topped coffee drink instead, until finally I just ordered coffee, black.

Now, hot chocolate seems to be the drink you buy for your younger sister or your nephew. When (and why!?) did hot chocolate become something of the childhood past? Take it back, Michigan, all the way back to your childhood, and try the best-kept secret at Water Street, the Cocoa del Sol.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill
Photo courtesy of Sydney Hill

The Cocoa del Sol is the adult hot chocolate. I was first introduced the Cocoa del Sol by a friend, who was raving about a drink I had never heard of, from a coffee shop I’d been going to for years. It is a rich mix of dark chocolates with a spicy hot pepper twist at the end, topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Do me a kindness, and try it.

There are three Water Street Coffee Joint cafe locations in Kzoo where you can get your Cocoa del Sol tasting on – one on Water Street (go figure!), one on Oakland, and one in Borgess Hospital – or, if you’re out of the Kzoo area, you can order the Cocoa del Sol mix to make at home.

Loyal coffee lovers, don’t get too upset, if you want your caffeine fix while you’re Cocoa del Sol-ing, just ask them to add in some coffee. Now go out and indulge. Let go of your adult side, and revisit the kid in you.

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