Clinton River Medical Tailwind

Clinton River Medical Tailwind
Photo provided by Clinton River Medical

Based in Auburn Hills (along the Clinton River), Clinton River Medical is an innovative company transforming mobility for the physically challenged. The Tailwind is a pioneering wheelchair, not completely manual, and not a power chair; this power-assist wheelchair looks and feels like a manual chair (a very stylish one), however, integrated motors in the chair provide assistance to the user each time the handrims are pushed.

If you think about how frequent such an action is, you will immediately understand the depth of the benefits of the power-assist chair. For those who are long time users of manual chairs and have begun to experience pain or injuries in the shoulders, elbows, or wrists from over use, the Tailwind provides much needed assistance and relief. For new chair users, the Tailwind acts as a preventative measure to ensure that such injuries are avoided.

You may be wondering, “Why a Tailwind and not a power chair?” For those who no longer have the physical capabilities of a manual chair, the power chair

Tailwind Button
Photo provided by Clinton River Medical

seems like the next logical step. However, not only are power chairs extremely expensive, they can be wildly limiting to users. As the Tailwind’s power assist technology has been design to work in unison with the custom frame, the Tailwind provides many of the benefits of a power chair (including being the only power assist chair with integrated braking) without creating any added limitations.

Not only are there no limitations placed on movement, Clinton River Medical has made other advancements that increase the Tailwind’s ease of use. The chair is designed with a single, conveniently located on/off switch, meaning no remote and no confusing configuration for the user. Another switch, the sensitivity button, allows the user to get the extra boost they need; the sensitivity button also provides exclusive control to each side, and is able to

Tailwind Wheel
Photo provided by Clinton River Medical

adapt to the chair and adjust to different conditions. This means that the Tailwind is able to help users safely navigate downhill and make an uphill climb feel no more strenuous than a stroll in the park.

In addition to increased ease of use when in the Tailwind, the design also makes the chair easy to transport. With quick release wheels, easy battery removal, and a fold down backrest, the already lightweight chair (clocking in at 56 lbs.) breaks down so effectively, that only 30 lbs. must be lifted into a vehicle at a time. And once it’s loaded up, Tailwind users can be confident that they will have more than enough power to get through the day, with a battery pack that has 50% more capacity and an LED readout to know exactly how much power remains.

Along with day-long power, Tailwind users are also guaranteed all day comfort. Users work with their therapist to find the right size before Clinton River Medical crafts the ultra-lightweight, rigid frame designed with each dimension configured to fit the body of each individual buyer. And with ten color options and a variety of potential upgrades, each Tailwind is also crafted to suit each users personal style.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Tailwind, check out the tech specs and videos on this innovative Michigan-made product. Also, be sure to like Clinton River Medical Tailwind on Facebook and follow on Twitter!