Celebrating National Walk @ Lunch Day in Michigan

Grab your shoes and get to walking!
Grab your shoes and get to walking!

This story was done in conjunction with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Spring is in the air in Michigan, and the perfect thing to accompany the changing seasons is a new healthy habit. National Walk@Lunch Day was officially yesterday, April 24th, but at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, they are starting the healthy choice during lunch on Friday, April 26th. They encourage the rest of Michigan to take steps toward better health as well.

BCBSM focuses on walking because it is a low impact, accessible activity that encourages camaraderie and better health. Walking is a low cost option that almost everyone can participate and sustain. If Michiganders join BCBSM in this initiative, perhaps it will inspire routines that will only inspire other nutritional and healthy choices.

There are incredible health benefits of walking at 30 minutes a day, including:

  • Helping with weight loss goals
  • Reducing stress
  • Aiding in more restful sleep
  • Providing more energy
  • Toning muscles
  • Encouraging happy lifestyles
  • Reducing risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer
  • Adding a positive aspect to the middle of the work day

As Michiganders begin spring routines, thinking about long-term health has no better place than this week, United States residents will be making positive choices for their health as well. BCBSM encourages co-workers to form groups that make a pledge to walk together. As an added perk, those walking groups have the opportunity to journey to nearby parks, explore new spaces around their workplaces, and feel good about the rest of their work days together.

Some helpful resources for planning walks and leading a healthier lifestyle:

Will you be joining the rest of Michigan this week in starting a positive routine and begin walking at lunch? What other healthy choices can people make during their day at work for a better life?

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