Capital City Film Festival Preview

Capital City Film Festival Preview

Lights, camera, action!

The Capital City Film Festival (CCFF) is preparing to let the cameras and the good times roll. The 7th annual five-day festival is full of film screenings, concerts, and red carpet parties. The festival kicks off with its Red Carpet Premiere Party on Thursday, April 6 at Lansing Brewing Company. If the venue sounds familiar, maybe you’ve had the Angry IPA, a local mainstay brew. (HINT: This beer was featured on The Awesome Mitten’s list of cozy winter craft beers .)

Capital City Film Festival Preview - The Awesome Mitten
Photo by Matthew Dae Smith.

According to their website, the CCFF is a multimedia showcase of independent films and live touring bands. Michigan’s capital city is full of engaged audiences. This festival celebrates artists from around the world who share their craft. The CCFF works to promote and build on the cultural assets of our diverse locale.

There are tons of events for those who reel over films. There is also plenty of action for concert-goers and overall appreciators of the arts.

Capital City Film Festival Preview - The Awesome Mitten
Photo by Matthew Dae Smith.

Tuesday, April 4th, the CCFF is partaking in the National Screening of  “1984,” based on the book by George Orwell. 100 other art house movie theaters across the nation are showing this as well. The screening takes place at the Lansing Public Media Center, and benefits Creative Many and Refugee Development Center.

Each year the festival sets itself apart from others by inviting guests to be a part of the competition. Unique video game and short film categories, including the Fortnight Film Contest, are part of the fun. This contest begins March 16th and invites teams to create a film in two weeks: write, shoot, edit, the whole deal. Though on a time crunch, the final products are far from the “Wayne’s World” stigma that many public access channels harbor. Previous years’ events have featured over 200 submissions from 20 different countries.  The Fortnight Film Contest is a newer idea. It invites guests to design and create their own video game. Later, they play it in front of a live audience.

Capital City Film Festival Preview - The Awesome Mitten
Photo by Eat Pomegranate Photography.


If you’re ready to get out of the dark depths of indie films and into the lighthearted world of comedy, then head on over to Destroy All Cinema on April 8th. The Lansing Public Media Center is featuring the Comedy Coven. The three-piece sketch female comedy troupe rip on the goth-chic horror film, “The Craft.”


Music at CCFF

When the silver screen takes a break, you can also catch great live concerts. Take a look at the list of concerts taking place this year:

Thursday, April 6 at the Loft: Nothing, Hordes, and Cavalcade; Zoos of Berlin, Krissy Booth, Double Winter, LVRS (at The Avenue)

Friday, April 7 at The Avenue: Stef Chura, Peter J Hochstdler, Lucy

Saturday, April 8 at The Avenue: Guilty Simpson, Red Pill, Nolan the Ninja, DJ Ruckus

Sunday, April 9 at the Loft: The Cool Kids, DJ Owen Bones, Jahshua Smith & the Race Card, Mikeyy Austin & the Happy Medium

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your options, you can visit their website to create your own customizable schedule to keep you on track here.

Some events are free, and others are a small admission charge. The real way to go is an all-access festival pass for $50. This gets you entry into ALL film screenings, concerts, parties, and wait for it … unlimited free popcorn. Score.

Have you been to the Capital City Film Fest before? Tell us your favorite movie memories!